School Review - Better Learning for All

The Public Schools Branch is responsible to review schools on a regular basis to ensure that students have equitable opportunities to learn and resources are being used effectively.

An in-depth review  has been undertaken in six families of schools: Charlottetown Rural, Morell, Colonel Gray, Kinkora, Westisle, and Montague families of schools.

The first round of public meetings was held in October to present data to the public and ensure they had opportunities to understand the information. More public meetings were held in November to give the public an opportunity to provide input on options for change. The third round of public meetings was held in February to enable the public to respond to the Board on the recommendations.

The Board of Directors of the Public Schools Branch made its decisions on the school review recommendations at a special meeting of the Board on April 3rd at Bluefield High School.

How will my school be impacted by the Board's decisions?

To view the impacts for each family of schools, click below:

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the review being done?

The Public Schools Branch policy outlines a five-step process to make change in a school:

  • Data collection and board direction;
  • Public consultations to identify viable options;
  • Board recommendations;
  • 60 days of public input on the recommendations; and
  • Final decision.

For further questions or assistance, contact the Public Schools Branch at (902) 368-6990.

Other Families of Schools

There are ten families of schools in the Public Schools Branch. Each family includes one high school and all the schools that feed into that high school.

Visit your family of schools to learn more about your child's school:


If you have questions on school zones, the draft recommendations or the review process, you can contact the Public Schools Branch at (902) 368-6990.

Published date: 
September 23, 2016