Teacher Certification and Standards Board Policies

Teachers and substitute teachers in Prince Edward Island are licensed according to Teacher Certification and Standards Regulations. The Teacher Certification and Standards Board operates under the following policies:

CSB 16-01: Academic Teacher's Certificate with a Specialization in Career and Technical Education
CSB 15-01: Levels Assigned to the Academic Teacher’s Certificate
CSB 13-07: Authorizations to Substitute for a Teacher
CSB 13-06: Issuance of a Teacher’s Certificate
CSB 13-05: Language Proficiency Requirements
CSB 13-04: Policy Governing Police Record Checks
CSB 13-03: Assignment of Basic Designations to a Teacher’s Certificate
CSB 13-02: Assignment of an Additional Designation in School Counselling
CSB 11-12: Minimum Requirements of an Acceptable Pre-Service Teacher Education Program for the Issuance of an Academic Teacher’s Certificate
CSB 11-11: Assignment of an Additional Designation in Inclusive Education
CSB 11-08: Teacher Certification Package Requirements and Application Form
CSB 11-07: Criteria for the Recognition of Professional Course Credits for Upgrades
CSB 11-06: Work Experience Recognition for Salary Placement Purposes
CSB 11-05: Certification and Standards Board Fees Policy
CSB 11-04: Professional Courses Sponsored by the PEI Teachers’ Federation
CSB 10-05: Certification and Standards Board Procedures
CSB 10-04: Career and Technical Education Letter of Authority
CSB 08-02: Academic Letter of Authority

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May 7, 2015
Education, Early Learning and Culture

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