2020 Special Angling Regulations

Are there any closures for the 2020 angling season?

There are no closures in PEI rivers for the 2020 angling season.

Are there any 2020 Extended Angling Season* Changes?

The section of the Clyde River open during the extended angling season has been changed to reflect the new bridge on the TransCanada Highway..

  • Clyde River - All waters downstream from an identified point approximately 150 M upstream form the new TCH bridge

*A reminder that anglers must register and complete a log book to participate in the extended angling season.

Rivers with Special Conservation Zones

Special conservation zones have restrictive regulations for the conservation and protection of brook trout.

Morell River :  The Cranes Conservation Zone is closed to all angling on July 1 until the end of the angling season.  This includes 10 m downstream from the bridge on Route 355 to 250 m upstream from the bridge.

West River : From June 1 to September 15th, the section of the main West River from the junction of the Black Brook to Crosbys Dam is restricted to catch and release angling of brook trout using single barbless fly or lure.  

Trout River: From June 1 to September 1, the section of river between the Western Road (Route 2) in Carleton to what is known locally as "Bannys Hole" will be catch and release fishing only, using single barbless fly.

Published date: 
May 13, 2020
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