2021 Extended Angling Season

What are the dates of the 2021 Extended Seasons for rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon?

The 2021 Extended Rainbow Trout Season - September 16 to November 30 (most locations).
The 2021 Extended Atlantic Salmon Season - September 16 to October 31 on the Morell River and the Mill River (see below).

How do I participate in the 2021 Extended Season?

You need to:

  • Have your 2021 PEI Angling license
  • Have your 2021 Wildlife Conservation Fund fee

And prior to participating, you must register and pick up an Extended Angling Season log book. Anglers can register at:

  • Register online
  • Forests, Fish and Wildlife Office at 183 Upton Rd in Charlottetown, or
  • Any Access PEI office

Are there any special angling requirements?

  • Creel limit is three rainbow trout/day
  • Single barbless fly or barbless lure only
  • Atlantic salmon can only be fished on sections of the Morell River and Mill River (see maps at bottom of the page)
  • Only a barbless fly can be used for the extended Atlantic salmon season

And you must complete and submit the log book at the end of the extended rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon season.

Where can I fish for rainbow trout during the extended season?

The 2021 Extended Angling Season for Rainbow Trout map  (1.1M) provides a general outline of participating rivers. For more detailed information on each river and pond, please consult the links listed below.

  • Boughton River - Downstream from Ross's Dam in Bridgetown  (0.3M)
  • Brudenell River - All waters downstream fro Rte 4 locally known as "Bells Hill"
  • Bradshaw River - Affleck's Pond (0.3M)
  • Clyde River - All waters downstream from the new Cornwall by pass (TCH) (0.4M)​
  • Dunk River (0.4M)
    - September 16-October 15:  The main river downstream from the Walls Road in South Freetown
    - September 16-November 30:  Scales Pond and the main river downstream from the Steel Bridge on Route 110.
  • Fortune River - Downstream from Fortune River Road (0.4M)​
  • Hillsborough - Pisquid River - Downstream from railway bridge in Mount Stewart (0.5M)
  • Hunter River - Campbells Pond and all waters downstream from Campbells Pond
  • Murray River - MacLures Pond, from the dam to the golf course bridge (0.3M)
  • North River - All waters downstream from the North (York) River Road in Milton (0.3M)
  • Montague River - All waters downstream from the pool below Knox's Pond (Sparrow's Road Bridge - Rte 320) (0.4M)
  • Orwell River - All waters downstream from the TCH in Orwell (0.5M)
  • Pisquid River - Downstream from the bridge at Fort Augustus Road (Rte 21) (0.5M)
  • Souris River - All sections of the main river downstream from the Gowanbrae Bridge (Rte 358) (0.4M)
  • Valleyfield River - All waters downstream from the Valleyfield Road  known as "Sutherland's Hole" (Rte 326) (0.4M)
  • Vernon River - Downstream from a point 100 metres above the causeway (0.5M)
  • West River - All waters downstream from the "Foot Bridge" on the Green Road in Bonshaw (0.3M)
  • Westmoreland River - All waters of the east branch downstream from Rte 13 below Sherrens Pond (0.4M)​
  • Wilmot River ​- Marchbanks Pond and the main river between MacMurdo Rd and Rte 1A Bridge (Red Bridge) (0.3M)

Where can I fish for Atlantic salmon during the 2021 Extended Season?

Mill River:
Mill River has an extended season for Atlantic Salmon in 2021. This catch and release season will extend from September 16 - October 31, using single barbless fly only. The area open to angling will include Carruthers Brook, from the Rte 2 highway in Bloomfield upstream to a tributary entering from the North, a distance of approximately 1.5 km.  

Morell River:
The Morell River has an extended Atlantic Salmon Season for 2021 in the areas outlined in orange. For more detailed information, consult the 2021 Angling Summary

Published date: 
October 9, 2020
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