2022 Envirothon

2022 Envirothon: Waste to Resources

For 2022, Ohio has chosen Waste to Resources for its 5th subject. 

In broad terms, Ohio is looking at issues and challenges facing government agencies, society and waste management companies who are trying to reduce waste by reusing materials destined for disposal. For PEI purposes, this information has been adapted to explore:

  • Understanding what waste is and types of waste materials
  • Impacts of Waste
  • How Waste is handled
  • Potential to reduce waste loads by reusing, repurposing and/or manufacturing new products
  • Economic aspects of reusing, repurposing or manufacturing new products

WOW! Waste Reduction Week runs from October 18-24, 2021. This site contains lots of great ideas and concepts you can use in Envirothon and in your daily life too. While this information is not directly required for our 2021 PEI event, learning more about reducing waste benefits us all.

PEI Learning Objectives

PEI Learning Objectives: Waste to Resources


What is Waste and Types of Waste?

What is Waste  
Canadian Waste Production Statistics 2020. NOTE please refer to National Results (Pages 10 - 15) and PEI Waste Material Categories (Page 64)

What are the implications and impacts of waste

What does Waste Cost?

Who pays for Waste and How?
Impacts of Mismanaged Waste


How is waste reduced?








Published date: 
August 13, 2021
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