Active Transportation

What is active transportation?

Active transportation (AT) is defined as any self-propelled human form of transportation such as walking, running and cycling. It is designed to get people to a particular destination whether it is work, school or to the grocery store. It can be done by any Islander including a parent pushing a child in a stroller, children riding their bikes, an employee walking to work or a person using their wheelchair or walker.

What is the Active Transportation Strategy?

The Sustainable Transportation Action Plan has a number of action items related to active transportation.  The Active Transportation Strategy was developed to lay out pathways to support Islanders in making active, cleaner and healthier transportation choices. 

Through a variety of investments and outreach initiatives the AT Strategy will focus on: 

  • Enhancing the safety of everyone who uses active forms of transportation through infrastructure improvements;
  • Improving active transportation route connectivity within and among communities and between key destinations across the province; 
  • Strengthening partnerships with municipalities, Indigenous communities and non-government organizations (NGOs) around walking, cycling and any other forms of active transportation; and
  • Creating a promotion and education campaign to increase the confidence and competence of those wanting to commute actively

What is the Active Transportation Fund?

The Active Transportation Fund (AT Fund) is part of the Sustainable Transportation Action Plan that focuses on reducing transportation emissions while encouraging more walking, cycling and community transit. 

The AT Fund is a $25 million investment over five years that will support priority active transportation infrastructure throughout the province. 

Active transportation investments can include:

  • new walking and bike paths 
  • installing or widening paved shoulders
  • connecting existing walking and cycling trails
  • other innovative ideas from Islanders to encourage more walking and cycling

Give your input

Government will be taking suggestions from Islanders, municipalities, Indigenous communities and community groups over the next five years. Plans will be updated annually and priority projects will be implemented each construction season. 

Government has been in communication with municipalities and communities and welcomes input from Islanders.

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Published date: 
January 11, 2024
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