General Information on Outdoor Burning and Wildfire

Tips for Safe Outdoor Burning

  • Check the Fire Weather Index and local wind speeds. 
  • Keep fires small and if possible, burn in a contained fire pit or an approved outdoor burning structure.
  • Have adequate water and fire suppression tools on hand (shovels, rakes, brooms, etc.).
  • Have enough help on hand to control your fire.
  • Keep a charged phone nearby to call 911 if the fire escapes.
  • Continuously patrol the burn area and once you are finished for the day, ensure the fire is completely out.

Call 911 to Report a Wildfire on PEI

Uncontrolled wildfires can be very destructive to homes, cottages, forests, farm buildings, crops, livestock and people. Most wildfires in PEI result from burning old grasses, clearing land for development or equipment sparks. Call 911 to report any wildfires in your area

Fire Weather Index

The Fire Weather Index contains detailed information on current burning conditions in the Island's three fire regions and is updated regularly during fire season.

In PEI, fire season runs from March 15th to  December 1st each year. During this period, you must have a valid Burning Permit for all outdoor fires. If you are planning a recreational Campfire please visit: Campfires and Bonfires

General Burning Permit information

Due to the ongoing COVID 19 situation, Domestic Burning Permits are not available at forest district offices. However you can get one free of charge at: Apply for Burning Permit On-line

When the situation returns to normal permits will be available at any Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division office, Monday to Friday during normal working hours. Before you go, please call the applicable office to ensure someone is there to authorize your permit.

Western PEI: 902-854-7260
Central PEI: 902-368-4800 or 902-368-4700
Eastern PEI: 902-961-7296 

Are Burning Permits Issued in all Island Communities?

No. Many Island municipalities also have their own fire regulations so Burning Permits are not issued for those areas. If you want to burn or dispose of brush or leaves in any of the communities listed below, you must contact the city or municipal government office.

Industrial Burning Permits

Special Industrial Burning Permits are available to land owners and businesses who use fire for agricultural or land management purposes. For information on the requirements and standards required to obtain an Industrial Burning Permit call 902-368-4700. 

Permissible materials

A Burning Permit only allows you to burn unprocessed woody materials such as:

  • Grasses
  • Leaves
  • Branches
  • Other woody debris

Other materials cannot be burned under this permit. For information on proper handling and disposal of other materials, please call the Environment Division at 902-368-5000.  

Campfires and Cooking Fires

Campfires in rural areas are permitted unless there is a fire ban.  Visit Campfires and Bonfires for more information .

In all cases, you are liable for any and all damages resulting from the fire and you must take proper precautions to ensure it does not escape.

You should have water and fire fighting tools close to the campfire site and you must completely extinguish the campfire when you are finished.

Community contact information for outdoor burning inquiries

  • Souris 902-687-2157
  • Georgetown 902-652-2924
  • Montague 902-838-2528
  • Stratford 902-569-1995
  • Charlottetown 902-566-5548
  • Cornwall 902-566-2354
  • Kensington 902-836-3781
  • Summerside 902-432-1230
  • Miscouche 902-436-4962
  • Alberton 902-853-2720
Published date: 
February 11, 2021
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