Get the most out of your heat pump

A heat pump can lower your heating costs considerably and double as a cooling system in the summer. As with any new piece of equipment, your heat pump works best when properly used. Check out our tips on getting the most out of your heat pump.

1. Set and forget!

Settings are the key to great heat pump performance. Avoid turning heat pump units “on” and “off” to control temperature. A heat pump reaches peak efficiency by maintaining a set temperature.

Once you find your ideal setting, set and forget.

If you have other heating systems to use as backup, use them only when needed. In an area where you are using your heat pump, turn your old system down or off. You don’t want your heat pump competing with your other heat source.

Once you have found the comfort level that is right for you, the savings will last for years to come.

2. Use the highest fan setting

A heat pump works most efficiently when set to a higher fan speed. But as always, set to a level you are most comfortable with. The best way benefit from the heat pump is to use it for as much heating as it can handle.

Try to keep doors open to rooms allowing the heat pump’s heat to circulate as much as possible. Open the doors and turn up the fan.

Use the “heat” or “cool” setting on the thermostat or control rather than the “auto”. It is natural to think “auto” mode would be more efficient. It is not. Your heat pump will operate best when set on “heat’ or “cool”.

3. Keep debris and snow away

Modern heat pumps should have very little need for service, unless something stops working properly. Indicator lights or display icons on the controller or indoor unit itself may indicate fault conditions – check the owner’s manual to interpret displays.

Be sure to keep debris and snow away from the outdoor unit and don’t try to hide or cover the outdoor unit.

4. Focus on saving money in the long run

If your central heat is oil or propane, you can expect your electric bill to increase in cold weather. But you will save more in the long run with reduced fuel costs.

Keep running the heat pump as much as possible to minimize your back up system operation. It's great for the environment too.

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Published date: 
March 1, 2022