Hunting Resources and Information Centre

PLEASE NOTE: Forests, Fish & Wildlife is currently upgrading its online hunting license application.  

Hunting for migratory birds or upland game has been an important activity for generations of Islanders. The Hunting Resources and Information Centre provides links on licensing, resident and non-resident hunting regulations, outfitting and guides and hunter education programs.

Visit Hunter and Firearms Safety Courses for details on the free PEI Hunting Licence program for NEW residents

Information for PEI Residents

What do I need in order to hunt on PEI?

If you are a resident of PEI, you must be at least 18 years of age or accompanied by a licensed adult hunter if you are 12 to 17 years-old. You must also have the following:

Information for Non-Resident Hunters

Visit Non-Resident Hunter Information

Where can I buy a hunting licence?

Purchase your PEI Hunting Licence from any PEI Hunting Licence vendor or buy your hunting licence on-line.

A federal Migratory Bird Hunting Permit is also required to hunt for species such as ducks and geese. This permit can be purchased on-line Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Permits  or at Canada Post and PEI licence vendors.

What are the fees for hunting licences?

Hunting licence fees for residents and non-residents of PEI (HST not included)

Title Age Cost
Resident Game Hunting 18-59 $5.00
Courtesy Resident Game Hunting 60 and over no charge
Resident and Non-Resident Youth  12-17 no charge
Resident Furbearer Hunting All ages $5.00
Non-Resident Hunting   $75.00
Non-Resident 3-day Hunting   $60.00
Federal Migratory Bird Permit (if hunting ducks and geese)    TBA
Resident Hunting Guide Licence   $30.00
Non-resident Hunting Guide Licence   $50.00
Wildlife Conservation Fund** 16-64 $20.00
Wildlife Conservation Fund** 65 and over $13.00
Snowshoe Hare Snaring Licence    $5.00

**Charged once annually with the first fishing, hunting or trapping licence purchased. Youth under 16 are not required to purchase a Wildlife Conservation Fund Licence. 

Where can I hunt on PEI?

Most of PEI is privately owned so you should have the owner's permission before crossing and/or hunting on private lands. Public lands are open to hunting unless otherwise posted.

What are the common game species on PEI?

Common Upland Game Species

Common Migratory Bird species

Are there changes or restrictions for hunters this year?

Download the 2021-22 Hunting and Trapping Summary (3.0M) for changes and updates to hunting regulations, seasons and other important hunting information.

Where can I get accurate information on sunrise and sunset times for PEI? offers accurate sunset and sunrise timings for locations around the world. Follow the links for Canada and Prince Edward Island to get the correct times for the community where you plan to go hunting.

Reporting Illegal Hunting Activity

To report illegal hunting activity, consult Report a Violation to a Conservation Officer


Published date: 
September 17, 2021