Multi-unit residential building efficiency program

Multi-unit residential building owners are eligible for energy efficiency programs such as home insulation rebates, energy efficient equipment rebates and winter warming help for low income residents.

Energy efficiency upgrades can help make tenants more comfortable, save money for property owners and reduce the environmental impact of multi-unit buildings.


Multi-unit residential buildings are residential buildings containing more than one dwelling unit. This includes duplexes, townhouses and apartment buildings. To be considered for this rebate, each dwelling unit must be separate and self-contained (not a room rented out or “in-law suite”), must be three stories or less and have a footprint less than 600m2, and must be a long term rental.

These buildings may be eligible for:

Steps to apply

Contact efficiencyPEI toll free at 1-877-734-6336 for assistance.

Accessing Home Insulation Rebates will require an energy audit. To apply for an energy audit, you will need to provide access to all units when doing audits. A blower door test will be performed on each unit. Access to attic space, basement and mechanical systems is also required. 


If you need information on this program or any other energy efficiency help, get in touch. Visit us at efficiencyPEI at 69 Belvedere Avenue in Charlottetown or at Access PEI in Summerside. Program information is also available at any Access PEI location.


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This incentive program is cost-shared with the Government of Canada under the Low Carbon Economy Fund.


Published date: 
August 1, 2022