Municipal financing for energy efficient upgrades

Charlottetown and Stratford residents can access municipal financing for energy efficient upgrades.

The Switch Stratford and Switch Charlottetown PACE Atlantic financing programs provide cost-effective options for residential energy efficiency and renewable energy projects – including heat pumps, solar systems and insulation.

Homeowners can get financing with zero per cent interest up to 15 years on the costs – with no upfront costs. Municipalities pay contractors, and homeowners pay back their loans over time from anticipated savings in energy.

efficiencyPEI is working with PACE Atlantic, the City of Charlottetown and the Town of Stratford to streamline the process of applying for efficiencyPEI rebates that may be eligible for this municipal financing.  

How to participate: 

  1. Residents of Stratford/Charlottetown approach PACE Atlantic or the municipality and inquire about efficiency upgrades and financing through PACE program.
  2. PACE Atlantic works with clients to find options for energy efficient upgrades and sends the client application and quotes to efficiencyPEI for pre-approval.
  3. efficiencyPEI reviews the application/quotes and then provides a letter of approval and consent to release funds form to the client and PACE Atlantic.
  4. Upon completion of the efficiency upgrades, the client/contractor will contact PACE Atlantic who will have completed forms and forwarded invoices. 

About PACE Atlantic and the Switch programs

The Switch Stratford and Switch Charlottetown PACE Atlantic programs are funded by $14.1 million from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

PACE Atlantic provides low-carbon programs for Canadian municipalities that help homeowners invest in energy efficiency and solar. 

PACE Atlantic: or call 782-377-4161

City of Charlottetown Switch program:

Town of Stratford Switch program:

What if I don’t live in Charlottetown or Stratford?

You can still receive financing for your energy efficient upgrades through Finance PEI. 

Get a quote from your contractor and send it in to for equipment pre-approval.

Published date: 
August 19, 2021
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