Path to Net Zero

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The Government of PEI aims to achieve Net Zero by 2040. This aggressive target has already established PEI as a climate leader in Canada and around the globe. We will continue to take innovative action to reduce emissions and reach this critical goal.

Join us on the Path to Net Zero so Prince Edward Island can be Canada's first net zero province. 

What does Net Zero mean?

Net-zero means achieving a balance between the emissions we produce through day-to-day activities and how much can be absorbed by the natural environment and through technology.

Currently, we are producing more emissions than can be absorbed, which is contributing to rising global temperatures.

To achieve net-zero we must reduce emissions across all sectors and industries, switch to cleaner sources of energy, and demonstrate a commitment to innovation and transformational change.

What is the difference between Net-Zero Energy and Net-Zero Emissions?

Net-zero energy refers specifically to emissions related to energy use. PEI has set a target of achieving net-zero energy by 2030.

Net-zero emissions refers to emissions from all sources. PEI’s vision is to become Canada’s first Net Zero province and achieve net-zero emissions by 2040.

How can Islanders help?

Climate change is a critical threat to the lifestyles of Islanders and its impacts are already being felt in PEI.

You can get involved by learning about climate change and the government's efforts to enhance the sustainability of our province and reduce the impacts of climate change.

Government offers a wide variety of rebates and financial incentives to help you reduce your energy use, whether that's in your home, on your commute, in your business or in your community.

Learn more about Net Zero financial incentives that can help you.

Funding Program Highlights

The PEI government is encouraging business and community organizations across the province to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations targeted for business and public use. Learn more about the EV Charger Program.

Government is phasing out fossil fuel rebates as of December 31, 2022, however many rebates remain on energy efficiency equipment, insulation, and solar. Learn more about energy efficiency rebates. 

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Published date: 
January 11, 2024