PEI Envirothon: Soils and Land Use

Soils and Land Use : Learning Expectations and Outcomes


NEW (May 9, 2024) Soils Training (Virginia Envirothon) - good overview of soils and land use 

What is Soil?  

The primary study resource for this component is Soils of Canada and Soils of Prince Edward Island - 1988.

(a) factors affecting soil formation

(b) soil profile

(c) soil regions of Canada

Soil Physical Properties

(a) texture

(b) structure

(c) organic matter

(d) soil water and air

(e) temperature

Soil Biological Properties

(a) organisms

(b) organisms and soil structure


(a) types/causes of soil erosion

(b) effects of erosion

(c) erosion control methods and structures

Soil Health  (New October 2, 2018)

Soils Health Management   (New October 2, 2018)

Land Use

(a) What is Land Use?

(b) Guidelines for Land Use Planning (reference Chapter 1 and 2 and Steps 1-7 in Chapter 3)

Other Learning Resources

Soils and Land Use Reference Materials - ENVIROTHON

Interpreting Your Soil Report

Describing Soils in the Field Manual

Soil pH and Plant Nutrients

PEI Soil Health Test - How to interpret your results

Other information related to agricultural soils and soil management can be found at PEI Soil Quality Monitoring Report

Climate Change

Soil Management in a Changing Climate

Published date: 
April 25, 2023