Provincial Forest Envirothon

The Provincial Forest Envirothon is part of the international education known as the NCF- Envirothon Program. This program attracts Island high school students who are interested in the environment and how people depend on and interact with the natural world.

Are you a high school student looking for unique and exciting insights into natural resources sciences?

Through the Envirothon program, students explore options and issues in various natural resource sciences and address real world problems that face our environment, economy and society. Many students have used the knowledge and experience they gained through Envirothon to go on to further studies and eventually careers in forestry, wildlife biology, fisheries management, agriculture, engineering and many more science fields.

What does Envirothon involve?

Interested students form five-person teams and begin to review and study the resources offered on the following pages:

Each page begins with the Learning Expectations and Outcomes to clearly defines what areas, concepts and topics students are required to know in each field.

Student work as a team and on their own time to prepare for the annual competition. Teachers act as mentors and facilitators but they do not teach the program.

Are there opportunities to learn directly from experts in these fields?

Yes. Several weeks prior to the annual PEI Competition, a special voluntary Teaching Day is offered to participating students. This teaching day is normally held on the first day of the annual PEI Teachers' Federation Workshop (a Thursday)  at a central location which offers suitable teaching sites. In some years, a follow-up workshop on the 5th subject is held the following day.

When does the competition occur and what happens?

The annual competition has two parts. On a Friday morning usually in late October, teams participate in field tests on the four core subjects. These field tests can include species identification, soil profiles, measuring forest products, identifying wildlife habitats and much much more.

When the field component ends, student are given a challenge relating to the 5th subject. Challenges are based on real world environmental issues. Teams must develop ideas and strategies on how to deal with the issues in an effective, efficient and cost effective manner and then as a group, present their recommendations to a panel of experts,

Based on the results of the field exams and the team's response to the challenge, a winning team is declared. This team obtains the right to represent PEI at the annual International NCF-Envirothon the following summer.

The  schedule for the Voluntary teaching Day and the two day competition will be posted in PEI Envirothon 2020 Schedule of Events when the information becomes available.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in participating, contact science teachers in your school. You can also contact:

Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division




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July 29, 2021
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