Ten reasons why you should consider buying an electric vehicle

There are environmental, health and economic benefits to driving an electric vehicle.

  1. Driving an EV is one way to reduce GHG emissions from transportation and, at the same time, improve our air quality.  
  2. It is cheaper!  It costs less to charge an EV battery compared to purchasing a tank of gasoline or diesel.  
  3. EVs have less maintenance requirements than vehicles with gas powered engines.   
  4. It is free to register an EV in Prince Edward Island, a cost savings of $100 annually, and the province offers half-price registration for hybrid vehicles.  
  5. Government rebates:  The Government of Prince Edward Island is offering the most generous EV incentive in Canada by providing $5,000 to Islanders who purchase a new or used EV. Government is also offering $2,500 to those who buy a plug-in hybrid.
  6. Islanders who utilize the PEI Universal EV Incentive will receive a $750 charging incentive to go towards the purchase and installation of a level 2 charger or towards charging costs for those unable to install a charger.
  7. The total PEI Electric Vehicle and Charging incentive will be $5,750 for EVs and $3,250 for Plug-in-Hybrid Electric Vehicles.
  8. Islanders who buy a new, fully electric vehicle may be eligible for up to $10,750 off the purchase price with the Federal Government incentive of $5,000 and the PEI Universal EV and Charging Incentive of $5,750 combined.
  9. One perk of an electric vehicle is that you can plug in and recharge at home or use EV charging stations when you’re out and about.  EV charging stations can be found in communities such as O’Leary, Summerside, Borden-Carleton, Charlottetown, Wood Island, and Souris
  10. EV batteries are recyclable and there is a strong demand for secondary-life batteries to serve less demanding applications such as from renewable energy storage. Also, they can be recycled into components for new batteries. 

Learn more about the province's electric vehicle incentives.


Published date: 
May 19, 2023
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