Tree and Shrub Stock for Watershed Groups

J.F. Gaudet Provincial Nursery (Photo: Kelley Farrar)

This page contains information for the sole use of Island Watershed groups. Land owners and the general public can purchase tree and shrub seedlings at the garden centres listed on Trees and Shrubs.   

What species are currently available to Island Watershed groups?

The J. Frank Gaudet Tree Nursery produces a wide range of Wabanaki-Acadian Forest tree and shrub species suited to the needs and goals of Island watershed groups.  

Available Trees and Shrubs (April 15, 2024)

How can I determine which species are right for our needs?

The Greening Spaces Program has an interactive resource to help you learn about and select the right Wabanaki-Acadian forest trees and shrubs for your watershed or landscaping needs. 

How can my group apply to get the planting stock we require?

Complete and submit the Watershed Trees and Shrub Order Form.


Published date: 
April 16, 2024