Trees and Shrubs

Tree planting is a time honoured tradition on Prince Edward Island. People plant trees to beautify their homes, properties and communities; stabilize soils and create wind buffers; improve wildlife habitats; restore forest health; and grow high value forest products.

Planting trees and shrubs is also something private land owners can do to take action on climate change. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it as woody biomass. Trees can also shade your home, making it more comfortable on hot, summer days thus reducing the need for air conditioning.

The Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division produces a wide variety of Acadian-Wabanaki Forest tree and shrub species at the J. Frank Gaudet Tree Nursery in Charlottetown.  These trees and shrubs are produced for a variety of planting programs and initiatives.

Right Tree - Right Site

Each tree and shrub species has its own site preferences. Choosing the Right Trees and Shrubs for PEI can help you to match site conditions with suitable tree and shrub species.

Can I Buy Tree Seedlings at the Nursery?

No, the nursery does not sell seedlings directly to the public. However, you can purchase them at participating garden centres and nurseries across the Island. Seedlings are available for sale at the following garden centres and nurseries after May 1st each year.

Participating Garden Centres - 2023
Nursery/Garden Centre Address Phone Number E-mail and web site
Nabuurs' Gardens Brudenell
4986 Route #4

Island Pride Farms Wood Islands
854 Route #1  
Jewels Country Market York
394 Route #25    
Agro Coop Charlottetown
12 Exhibition Dr
Van Kampen Greenhouse Charlottetown
58 Allen St

Doiron's Garden Centre Charlottetown
2 Day Ave
Hunter River Gardens Hunter River
19905 Route #2
Kensington Co-op

48 Victoria St E


Kool Breeze Farm Wilmot
231 Read Rd

John's Greenhouses Summerside
559 South Dr

Does government offer tree planting programs?

Yes, there are three primary tree and shrub planting programs, as follows:

Private woodlot owners can also access tree planting programs through the Forest Enhancement Program.

Which native trees and shrubs are right for me and my property?

The Greening Space Program web site contains an interactive site with tips on selecting the right species and information on when, where and how to plant them. 

Published date: 
August 10, 2023