Water Act Water Withdrawal Regulations - Irrigation Strategy

The goal of a Prince Edward Island Water Act is to protect the quality and quantity of our water and ensure that the supply is healthy and sustainable now and into the future.

Irrigation Strategy 

The Water Withdrawal Regulations have been amended to support the implementation of an Irrigation Strategy for Prince Edward Island.  The Irrigation Strategy is designed to guide water usage both protecting a healthy aquatic environment and supporting the use of water to address dry conditions when plants suffer for the lack of water.  It was developed through a process that included public consultation and consideration by the standing committee on Natural Resources and the Environmental Sustainability.  It reflects the enhanced protection that the Water Act provides for our aquatic resources.

As a supplement to the Irrigation Strategy, a template for the creation of Watershed Irrigation Plans has been developed.  In addition, a template to aid in the creation of Drought Contingency Plans which are required by all large water users, including irrigation, has also been developed.  The amendments to the Water Withdrawal Regulations, the Irrigation Strategy, the Watershed Irrigation Plan Template and the Drought Contingency Plan Template are provided below: 

Water Act and Supporting Regulations

The Water Act and supporting regulations were implemented on June 16, 2021.  There are four sets of regulations that operationalize the Water Act, the Water Withdrawal Regulations, the Well Construction Regulations, the Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Systems Regulations and the Sewage Disposal Systems Regulations. 

Where can I get more information on water resources on PEI?

You can visit the new Water Registry website.


Published date: 
June 6, 2022
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