Generator of Hazardous Waste

Do I need to register to generate hazardous waste?

Yes. Generators of hazardous waste must register with the department as a hazardous waste generator. Waste material is considered hazardous if it contains a toxic substance listed in the Environmental Protection Act (Canada) Interprovincial Movement of Hazardous Waste or the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (Canada).

How do I register as a waste generator?

To obtain a provincial identification generator number, companies can complete a Waste Carrier/Generator/Receiver Registration Form.

Is there a fee to register?

There is a  $100 registration fee. Make check payable to Minister of Finance. 

Are there other requirements?

A generator of hazardous waste must also:

  • train all staff who deal with hazardous waste;
  • verify that the hazardous waste carrier has a provincial identification carrier number;
  • complete a waste manifest (must accompany all shipments of hazardous material equal to or greater than 5 litres or 5 kilograms) and ensure the following:
    • a unique manifest identification number appears in the upper right hand corner,
    • generator information in Part A of the manifest is complete (classify, package, and label all waste and supply required placards, special permits, an Emergency Response Action Plan, and manifest), and 
    • carrier information in Part B of the manifest is complete;
  • maintain a copy of the manifest form on-site for a period of two years;
  • send, or arrange for the carrier to send, a copy of the manifest form to the departments of environment in the province of origin AND the destination province; and
  • notify the Department of any changes in the company name, address, contact person, or phone number.

Who can I contact for more information?

Scott Mitchell (Hazardous Materials and Remediation Specialist)
Jones Building 4th Floor
Charlottetown, PEI
Telephone: (902) 368-5059
Fax: (902) 368-5830


Published date: 
June 4, 2019
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