Water Act Regulations Public Consultation Comments

As part of the development of regulations for the Water Act,Islanders are invited to provide comments regarding the draft regulations. All on-line comments that are received on the draft regulations before the closing date will be posted on this page. The names of people making these on-line submissions will not be disclosed. You can submit comments at the main Water Act web page or the web pages for the individual regulations.

August 22, 2019

I disagree with allowing any deep water wells. PEI does not have an infinite supply of ground
water! And we are ALL dependent on the supply!
What has been puzzling me is why..for the past month ,well digging trucks have been driving
past our house down a road where there are only potato fields? Is there someone trying to get
wells dug before the regulations come into effect??
nte supply

August 5, 2019

Scanned thru the regulations.
I see nothing on required setbacks from streams and Springs.
Are "environmental' flows defined?
More specifically are minimum flows for late summer and Fall defined?

July 12, 2019

Reading through I noticed inconsistencies. Section 2 sub section (9) states " A ground exploration permit shall not be extended more than once." I believe it should read "A groundwater exploration permit..."  Section 6 sub section 3 would seem to affect home owners with wells and thereby require them to reapply to draw water from their wells every 5 years. This will be particularly onerous on many rural and often impoverished families. The plain language document does stipulate that domestic water wells are not included but that is not clear from the regulations for water extraction. I will need more time to review more completely the act and other sets of regulations to understand more fully the impacts to rural, and urban islanders. My personal opinion is that as much as possible agricultural practices need to seek methods that limit additional water applications. Looking to some European models to reduce water needs of crops could be a useful investment.

July 9, 2019

The water act needs to make very clear that water is a human right and that corporations are not welcome to profit by using more than their fair share. Once they reach the tipping point it will useless to say, "We made a mistake". We cannot make a mistake. Every farmer should be required to grow a minimum of 20% organic so they learn how to maintain moisture in the soil so that deep wells are not necessary. Our soil is our life and while some farmers are improving there is a long way to go particularly with the Irving farms who are abusing their privilege by digging ponds and buying more land than they are entitled to. (See photo) The soil on PEI is in terrible shape and cannot hold water. That is causing a multitude of problems due to run-off in our waterways. Fish kills are no long fish kills they are river kills. The fauna and flora are effected by this and it takes years to recover, if at all.

Most importantly, whatever the end result is in this act we must do a better job of enforcement. Enforcement of the water act and the land holdings act. Our future and future of our children depends on it.

Water Act Regulations Public Comment Attachment (provided in pdf)

March 14, 2019

Before permits are given for deep water wells for irrigation i feel that the province and the industry should have a good hard look at available surface water. for example next to home there is over one thousand acres can be irrigated from one. spot with a vert slight negative affect on the stream . there is plenty of surface water in the many larger streams and dams.

March 13, 2019

Submission #1
Do not allow the sale of our water to sellers of bottled water like Nestle. This is a resource to be kept for Islanders and preserved for the future. Also restrict deep water wells for irrigation use by off-Island corporate giants like Irving. Not only will they deplete our resource, they will also take the profit off Island. And their bad farming practices are turning soil into powder which blows away every winter. We need to do more to preserve our agriculture and to do that we need water that is well managed. More water collection such as ponds, more emphasis on preserving the resource. Less selling off to the corporate giants.

Submission #2
Comments on the Proposed Well Construction Regulations:
I believe it would be a great mistake to lift the moratorium on deep water wells.
Also regulations should be put in place to prevent growers from getting permission to put in 4 domestic wells which grouped together extract much more from one source than the permission intended.
Irrigation on a large scale can lead to big problems. I know of large stations/farms in South Australia where irrigation has caused salt to rise to the surface and the land had to be abandoned!
There is movement to grow different crops than potatoes which is great! Hopefully ones that can tolerate variable climate.
I am against the land grab by 4 members of a very large corporation who already is mining the large tracts of land to produce more and more potatoes.
PEI is a small (and getting smaller) Island and we have an ideal place to grow organic crops.I would like government to make it easier for farmers to transition into organic by having steps in the process to getting there.
I read that government is now buying some land to help young farmers get into the business at an affordable price. This to is a great move. 
Bring on changes and save our precious soil and water!!

Comments on the Proposed Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Systems Regulations: 
I have to read up on this!

March 12, 2019

Comments on the Proposed Well Construction Regulations:
Say no to irragition and deep wells. Protect our water! Bad enough that they are killing us with sprays!!
Comments on the Proposed Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Systems Regulations: 
Take every step to keep our drinking water safe. Once it is poisoned it is too late!

March 11, 2019

Submission #1
It is important to make decisions that place environmental considerations above the immediate economic benefits for corporations. If private companies cannot be profitable without detrimental effects to our shared ecosystem then it is the companies business models that need to change rather than the regulations that should be in place to protect our environmental resources for generations.

Submission #2
Please limit the amount that can be taken out for big agriculture. We need to preserve the water supply as with dryer and hotter summers, and generally less rainfall allowing too much extraction could see this island in great trouble. Maybe its time to change what is grown here, and move away from crops that require immense amounts of water,

Submission #3
As a child, I lived on a small mixed farm with my farmer Dad, Mom, and 5 siblings. Our well water was delicious. My father grew potatoes, but there was no need for irrigation. I now live in a fishing community and have a beautiful water view. Even though we live several hundred feet from the shore, our water is brackish, full of minerals and salt- undrinkable. Much worse in the dry season. Also hard on appliances. I love my view, but what I would give to have fresh, clean water. Water is one of our most valuable resources. Good water means good health. No amount of money replaces delicious, Island water. As an Island our water supply is limited. Please look after it for us and our kids. Thank-you...

Submission #4
Plant roots will naturally grow deeper into the soil in search of water. If they are watered heavily, they don't bother. Not only should we water less, but we should also find/develop crops other than potatoes that suit our changing climate and not jeapordize our water supply. (Also concerned about city water supply that takes water from rural areas for urban use -- I can see the new water tower in Winsloe from my house -- disturbing.)

March 7, 2019

If my water supply is ever affected by the fields near my house, I will make sure the government dearly. Whatever regulations go in place they must protect islanders water supplies!!

March 6, 2019

We Must not waste our water irrigating potatoes while the sun shines...…….. !! Mary Jane !!
We must find a better seed potato for this climate
Robert : You do not have to own every acre of potato land on PEI...…… Do You??
Many Smaller Farmers have been put out of business...………. By Who ?? Guess !!


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August 22, 2019
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