About the Office of Protocol

The Office of Protocol leads and coordinates ceremonial, protocol and diplomatic activities for the Government of PEI.

Protocol is a set of internationally-recognized procedures and guidelines of diplomatic conduct, etiquette, and precedence used during important official events with the Royal Family, the Governor General, Prince Edward Island’s Lieutenant Governor, diplomats and foreign delegations.  

The Office of Protocol provides protocol and logistical advice and services including:

  • Advice on matters of protocol, precedence, and provincial symbols;
  • Plans and conducts official visits to Prince Edward Island for members of the Royal Family, the Governor General, heads of state and government, foreign ministers, heads of diplomatic missions and other distinguished visitors;
  • Provides assistance and coordination for government ceremonial events;
  • Provides information and advice on the Table of Precedence for Prince Edward Island; and
  • Provides information and advice on flag protocol and flying flags at half-mast.



Debbie Atkinson
Chief of Protocol
Phone: 902-368-6889
Email: djatkinson@gov.pe.ca


Michelle Westaway
Protocol Coordinator

Phone: 902-213-7301
Email: mwestaway@gov.pe.ca


Darlene Everett
Administrative Officer
Phone: 902-368-4510
Email:  djeverett@gov.pe.ca

Published date: 
June 9, 2023