Agricultural Insurance Corporation Board of Directors

The Agricultural Insurance Corporation (AIC) Board of Directors is responsible for providing insurance schemes for agricultural crops and advising the Minister on policy regarding agricultural business risk management programs. 

What is the function of the Board?

Under the Agricultural Insurance Act, the role of the Board is to manage the business and affairs of the Prince Edward Island Agricultural Insurance Corporation.

Primary Role:  Adjudicative

Material Role:

  • Strategic Development
  • Advisory
  • Managerial/Oversight

What are the responsibilities of the Board?

  • Establish and administer insurance schemes;
  • Evaluate losses and pay claims under insurance schemes;
  • Re-insure with any other insurer the risk of any portion thereof under its insurance contract;
  • Conduct surveys and research programs and obtain statistics;
  • Require an applicant or a client to furnish such information statements and reports as the Board may determine;
  • Enter into insurance contracts with any person or agency of Canada relative to the objects of the Act;
  • Generally, administer through its own bylaws and policies the objects set out in this Act;
  • Offer advice to the Minister on policy matters regarding safety net programs; administer this Act and the regulations; and
  • Perform such other functions as may be assigned by the Minister or are considered necessary to carry out the object of this Act.

How many people are on the Board?

The Board shall consist of not fewer than seven members and not more than 13 members. The members shall be appointed by the Minister, and shall be:

  • (a) one representative of the Department of Agriculture;
  • (b) one representative of the Department of the Provincial Treasury; and
  • (c) not fewer than five or more than eleven representatives of the private sector.

What are the requirements of Board members?

Work & Experience Requirements
Understanding of agricultural practices and agricultural economics

Skills Required
Mediation, Regulatory, and Agriculture Policy

What are the nomination requirements?

Statutory Nomination Requirements
The Minister shall appoint all members.

Traditional Nomination Requirements
Department provides names to Executive Council. Recommendations are based on commodity and geographical diversity.

Will I get paid?

Chair - $200/diem and Members - $142/diem.

What is the time commitment of the Board?

Monthly meetings.

The term of office of a member of the Board is three years and a member is eligible for re-appointment.

Agricultural Insurance Corporation Board of Directors - Members
Name County Term Start Term End
Fred Dollar Queens County Nov 21, 2023 Nov 21, 2026
Beverley Boulter Prince County Aug 22, 2023 Aug 22, 2026
Clayton Bulpitt Kings  County Sep 18, 2023 Sep 18, 2026
Rodney Dingwell, Chair Kings County Aug 22, 2023 Jan 25, 2025
Mark MacEwen Prince County Nov 21, 2023 Nov 21, 2026
Dr. Edward MacAulay Queens County Apr 16, 2024 Apr 16, 2027
Shannon Burke Department of Agriculture Representative Aug 22, 2023 at pleasure
Sonya Cobb Department of Finance Representative Jan 25, 2022 at pleasure


How can I apply?            

If you would like to serve as a member of a provincial government agency, board, or commission (ABC) you can apply online through Engage PEI


For further information about this committee, you may contact:

Lesa MacDonald
​Director, Farm Business Risk Management



Published date: 
April 22, 2024
Executive Council Office

General Inquiries

Executive Council Office
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General Inquiries:
Phone: 902-368-4502
Fax: 902-368-6118

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