Emergency Medical Services Board

What is the purpose and function of the board?

The purpose of the Board is to regulate the practice of emergency medical technology in Prince Edward Island (PEI).  The functions of the Board are to:

  • (a) accept and assess applications and issue licenses;
  • (b) monitor adherence to prescribed standards by licensees;
  • (c) make such policy and guidelines and approve such forms as the Board considers necessary for the carrying out of its functions;
  • (d) investigate and take remedial or disciplinary action as necessary in cases of alleged negligence, incompetence, misconduct, or noncompliance with prescribed standards;
  • (e) advise the Minister and make recommendations for regulations respecting:
    • (i) qualifications for the licensing and standards for practice of emergency medical technology, and
    • (ii) any other matter concerning the provision of emergency medical services.

Primary Role:  Non-adjudicative

Material Role: 

  • Strategic Development 
  • Advisory 
  • Managerial/Oversight 

How many people are on the board?

The Board shall be composed of eight persons, appointed by the Minister, as follows:

  • (a) two members who shall be operators or administrators of a business providing ambulance services;
  • (b) one member who shall be an EMT;
  • (c) one member who shall be an educator who works in the training of EMTs;
  • (d) one member who shall be a physician licensed to practice in the province;
  • (e) one member who shall be a registered nurse who works in a hospital's emergency services department;
  • (f) one member shall be a layperson representative of the general public; and
  • (g) one member shall be a representative of the Department.

In addition, the Provincial Emergency Medical Director is a non-voting member of the board. The Provincial Coordinator is an administrative resource to the board.

What are the qualifications and requirements of board members?

Board members must be Canadian citizens, residents of PEI, and be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Members of the Board should be representative of PEI’s diversity, including demographics and region.  All prospective board members shall demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the health and wellness of Islanders and must possess strong communication, interpersonal, leadership and critical thinking skills. 

Board members possess a broad range of education, knowledge and experience.

Experience in the following areas would be considered assets:  knowledge of the health care system, experience in policy development, human resource management, professional regulation, governance and legal/risk management.

All new nominees will be required to provide a satisfactory Criminal Record Check prior to appointment. The standard term of appointment to the Board shall be up to three years, but terms may be varied or adjusted so as to maintain continuity in such a way that no more than approximately one-third of the membership changes in any one year. The term of office for members of the Board shall be specified by the Minister in the appointment letter.

What are the nomination requirements?

Statutory Nomination Requirements
One member shall be a layperson representative of the general public. As indicated above, this member is appointed by the Minister.

Will I get paid?

Chair - $161/diem and Members - $109/diem.

What is the time commitment of the board?

There are typically 3-4 Board meetings per year. Board meetings usually take place during the early evening and on occasion, during the day. Some reading is required in advance of most meetings. Meetings are primarily held on-site at the Department of Health and Wellness in Charlottetown, PEI. From time to time, the Board may appoint such committees / working groups as it considers necessary to perform its functions, which may add to the time commitment. Board member participation in committees / working groups is voluntary.

Emergency Medical Services Board - Members
Name County Term Start Term End

Dr. Scott Cameron, Chair

Provincial Emergency Medical Services

Prince County April 30, 2020 April 30, 2023

Ms. Rose Kouwenberg

representing EMT Educator

Queens County January 28, 2020 January 28, 2023

Holly Noel

representing Emergency Medical Technicians

Queens County February 16, 2021  February 16, 2024
Mr. Doug Bryson Prince County January 28, 2020 January 28, 2023

Dr. Harrison Carmichael

representing Medical Practitioners

Queens County December 20, 2022 December 20, 2025

Jessica Lake

representing Emergency Medical Technicians

Queens County February 16, 2021 February 16, 2024

Paul Zakem

representing Registered Nurses

Queens County December 20, 2022 December 20, 2024
Shelley Jackson Queens County December 20, 2022 December 20, 2025

Ms Christine Drummond

representing the Department of Health and Wellness

Queens County December 20, 2022 December 20, 2024

How can I apply?            

If you would like to serve as a member of a provincial government agency, board, or commission (ABC) you can apply online through Engage PEI.  

Who can I contact?

Emergency Health Services


Published date: 
December 21, 2022
Executive Council Office

General Inquiries

Executive Council Office
5th Floor, Shaw Building
95 Rochford Street
P.O. Box 2000,
Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8

General Inquiries:
Phone: 902-368-4502
Fax: 902-368-6118


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