Family and Human Services Mandate Letter

Honourable Tina Mundy 
Minister of Family and Human Services 
Government of Prince Edward Island
2nd Floor, Jones Building
P.O. Box 2000
Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8

Dear Minister Mundy,

I am honoured to welcome you to Cabinet and to your new role as Minister of Family and Human Services. Together, we will work to fulfill the trust that Islanders have placed in us to lead with integrity and purpose, as we build a prosperous, caring and engaged society for the people of Prince Edward Island. We have a clear and coherent plan to enhance PEl's quality of life, to advance our economic growth, and to build strong community across our Island, as outlined in the Speech from the Throne, and your Department will play an important part in achieving those goals.

As a Government, we are committed to openness and transparency, and to the highest standards of ethical conduct in our decision-making and governance processes. We will be accountable for our actions, and we will increase opportunities for Islanders to engage in shaping our future path and in carrying out the work of Government. You and your colleagues play a crucial role in fulfilling those commitments.

I look to you to ensure adherence to the strengthened measures that are being put in place for expense disclosure by Ministers and senior officials; to be frugal in conducting your duties; to deal with citizens and clients in a fair, transparent and balanced way; and to ensure open, merit-based processes for hiring and board appointments within your area of responsibility.

I also encourage you to commit to making sure that Prince Edward Island Government services can be easily accessed by our citizens, community groups and businesses. As we work internally and with regional governments to reduce unnecessary regulation and improve service delivery, I welcome your ideas and leadership.

Our work over the coming term of office will be shaped by our commitments to the people of Prince Edward Island as set out in our campaign document, Let's Work Together! We have set out a plan to build a prosperous economy, achieving growth above national averages, and develop a stronger society through the three integrated priorities of people, prosperity and engagement. Working across Cabinet, Government and community, we will strive to put in place the best supports for all Prince Edward Island residents, to allow them to meet challenges and to flourish as individuals and families. We will create more opportunities for business, trade and jobs. And we will strive to put Prince Edward Island on the map as an innovative leader.

I look to you to help our Government achieve these goals by taking action to ensure the necessary supports for individuals and families on Prince Edward Island so that they can thrive in their own right and as members of the Island community. In so doing, you will work closely with your colleagues and particularly with the Minister of Workforce and Advanced Learning to promote long-term, sustainable employment for a growing number of PEl residents.

The Department of Family and Human Services is a newly-constituted Department and, working with your Deputy Minister, your first aim is to build a strong and cohesive effort that identifies clear, responsive and strong means to support Islanders where needs are identified, and provides the tools for these individuals to attain greater security for themselves and their families.

In this context, I ask to you place particular priority on the following areas:

  • Lead the work to establish a comprehensive Poverty Reduction Strategy, by working across Government and particularly with the Departments of Workforce and Advanced Learning; Justice and Public Safety; Education, Early Learning and Culture as well as with key community groups;
  • Review all support programs to improve their effectiveness and efficiency in meeting the needs of the communities they are intended to serve, are modern and innovative in design and delivery, and are sustainable to meet future, anticipated needs;
  • Place specific program attention on those Islanders who are most at risk and ensure that our government support is attuned to those needs;
  • Collaborate with your Cabinet colleagues to build increasing work opportunities for all residents of Prince Edward Island, and specifically work to build sustainable jobs for lower-income Islanders;
  • Renew the approach to public housing to align the supply and process with the current and expected future needs of Islanders; and
  • Work with your colleagues in Health and Wellness on a new Mental Health and Addictions Strategy to strengthen the supports that are available to Islanders.

Your work can and will only be accomplished through active engagement with Government and community partners. To this end, I expect you to build positive and constructive relations with the many community partners who are developing and delivering services for Islanders, as well as with leading proponents across Canada and with other levels of Government responsible for co-funding and co-delivery.

I also look to you to develop and maintain effective, trusting relationships with your Deputy Minister and departmental officials. Our dedicated and professional public service is vital to the attainment of our goals as a Government, including careful, prudent management to achieve our commitment of a balanced budget in 2016-17. Your Deputy Minister is your primary source of support in achieving your responsibilities as outlined above.

Within this context, your Deputy Minister is ultimately accountable to me, through the Clerk, for supporting you in a manner consistent with the duly-approved policies of Government, and the overall agenda and direction of Government. I ask you to bear these dual accountabilities in mind as you continue to develop your working relationship with your Deputy.

These are exciting times for Prince Edward Island. I am confident that, working together, we will make great strides to fulfill the potential and opportunities of our Province and our residents and ensure that we can face the future strong, proud and optimistic.

Wade Maclauchlan
Premier of Prince Edward Island

Published date: 
February 22, 2016
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