Feedback to Learning Partners Advisory Council

During its first year, members of the Learning Partners Advisory Council shared their perspectives and experience, reviewed global education trends, and studied learning throughout Islanders’ lifespan. The Council published their collective thoughts as an online discussion paper, Ambition, Excellence and Prosperity: Priorities and Directions for Learning.

The discussion paper outlined ten key directions for the Island community to collectively support learning excellence throughout early childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and the senior years. Further, three areas of initial focus were outlined for the Council, as follows:

  • Learner well-being – Promoting the mental health and well-being of Islanders at all ages.
  • Learner transitions – Preparing learners to successfully transition into, through, and out of learning systems and opportunities throughout our lives.
  • Learning partnerships – Strengthening existing and forge new partnerships among learning sectors, communities, municipalities, employers, government departments, non-government organizations, public libraries, culture groups, and others to share in the thinking, planning, and resourcing of learning opportunities for learners at all ages.

What We Heard

As it continues its work, the Council has been guided by these directions and priorities, and by the input from the Island public and from principals.

Published date: 
December 28, 2017
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