Health PEI Board of Directors

The Health PEI Board works on behalf of Islanders to provide high-level oversight of Health PEI’s financial management and delivery of safe, quality health care. 

The board governs Health PEI, oversees the work of the chief executive officer, and is accountable to the Minister of Health and Wellness.


What is the function of the board?

The board is responsible for the control and management of Health PEI and the planning, organization and delivery of health services in Prince Edward Island:

  • employing the chief executive officer;
  • setting the strategic direction of Health PEI, in line with the priorities of government;  
  • monitoring executive / organizational performance in relation to achievement of the strategic direction and compliance with board policies;  
  • monitoring the budget and ensuring required financial and other reporting requirements are met;
  • monitoring the risks of the organization and the policies in place to manage those risks;  
  • monitoring organizational quality and safety processes;
  • approving of medical staff by-laws and executing the board-related duties outlined in them;
  • providing a framework for public and stakeholder engagement;
  • providing the minister with plans and reports in line with policy and accountability requirements; and
  • organizing committees, activities, and general processes through which to conduct its business.

The board has three committees. These committees provide assessments and recommendations to assist with decisions. 

  • The Quality and Safety Committee assists the board in fulfilling its responsibility to ensure safe, quality health care is provided to all Islanders.
  • The Audit and Risk Committee monitors Health PEI’s compliance with the Health Services Act  in the areas of finance and audit, property, personnel, and strategic direction. 
  • Human Resources Committee provides strategic advice and oversight to the organizational management of human capital through the board, to ensure that Health PEI attracts and retains the talent needed to deliver on its mandate and objectives.  

For more information, see the Health PEI Board Governance Policies, which define how the board conducts its business, rules and practices.


How many people are on the board?

The Health PEI Board is made up of 10 members: the chair from each of the Community Health Engagement Committees (Western and Eastern regions); and eight other members. 

Board members represent various community perspectives and, together, bring a broad combination of skills, knowledge and experience to govern the health system. 

What are the requirements of board members?

Nominees should

  • have a strong commitment to improving the health system, supporting the provincial health authority, and to improving the health of Islanders through an appropriate balance of prevention and care;
  • have the time to prepare for and attend board meetings on a regular basis;
  • be able to comply with provincial conflict of interest legislation and guidelines; and
  • be at least 19 years old as of the date of appointment.

Board members are selected based on their competencies in a range of skills, knowledge and experience.

Skills required

  • communication, leadership and interpersonal skills
  • critical thinking and analytical skills

Knowledge and experience

  • governance of public sector, private sector or not-for-profit boards;
  • government structures and processes;
  • health care administration, clinical, quality / risk management;
  • law, business, finance and accounting;
  • community development and engagement;
  • public affairs and communications;
  • education and training;
  • organizational development and human resources;
  • information technology;
  • small business or primary industry operations.


What is the pay?

Board members are compensated in accordance with the Province of Prince Edward Island Schedule of Honoraria rates for provincial boards, commissions, agencies and committees.

All board of members and the chief executive officer of Health PEI are required to disclose their travel, hospitality and meal expenses. For more information, see Public Disclosure of Expenses.


What is the time commitment of the board?

Attendance is required at a minimum of eight full board meetings annually, with additional meetings scheduled as necessary.

Board members usually devote the equivalent of one day each month to board-related work. This includes attending board meetings, committee work, planning and development sessions and meeting preparation.

The Minister of Health and Wellness appoints each board member for a three-year term. Members may be re-appointed at the end of their term but can’t shall not serve more than two consecutive terms.


How can I apply?            

If you would like to serve as a member of a provincial government agency, board, or commission, you can apply online through Engage PEI.  


Who can I contact?

Health PEI 
16 Garfield Street
Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8

Telephone: (902) 916-0678
E-mail: sends e-mail)


Published date: 
February 21, 2024