Island Economy

Prince Edward Island has a vibrant and growing business community. Island businesses continue to deliver the highest quality products and service to the marketplace.

Our economy features a mix of traditional resources - agriculture, fisheries and tourism - that have undergone significant modernization as well as new industry sectors including bioscience and advanced manufacturing. Business acumen and entrepreneurship are at the core of PEI's economic success.

The number of jobs in PEI reached an all-time high of 86,600 as of September 20191.

As of April 1, 2020, minimum wage is $12.85 per hour and the provincial government has numerous programs available to help students get into the job market.


Farming in Prince Edward Island is a traditional industry with an important economic contribution. In 2019, farm cash receipts were valued at $561.0 million. Grains, potatoes, grains, and fruits are leading production growth.2


The lobster fishery continues to grow with total landings valued at 349.0 million in 2019.3 Because Prince Edward  Island’s population is too small to absorb this production, exports are a vital part of the industry. There are 4,231 commercial fishers and 47 licensed processing facilities on Prince Edward Island. The industry employs as many as 8,500 people at peak production.4


Each year, the Island hosts more than 1.5 million visitors who come from all over the world to relax, golf, eat, and experience Anne of Green GablesTM.


Aerospace is a key and growing sector in Prince Edward Island with over 1,000 employees and annual sales of more than $400 million. Slemon Park, located in Summerside, is the only aerospace park in Canada that offers an on-site customized training centre.


There are over 55 bioscience companies in Prince Edward Island employing 1,700 individuals and generating revenues that exceed just over $220 million annually. The bioscience industry is currently producing various animal and human health products, treatments for diseases as well as natural products.5

Information Technology

There are approximately 2,500 people employed by over 100 information and communications technology companies in the industry. The Island’s skilled workforce and low operation costs attract companies to establish in the province.

Renewable Energy

Over 24 per cent of Prince Edward Island’s electrical needs are furnished through a combination of provincially and privately owned wind developments. The Island is a lead innovator in wind energy and is committed to continue researching and developing as the renewable energy industry grows.6


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Published date: 
August 11, 2020
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