Island Population

Prince Edward Island has 146,447 residents with approximately 35,000 people living in the capital city of Charlottetown. About 54 per cent of the population lives in rural areas.

The largest ethnic groups include:

  • Scottish (39.2 per cent)
  • English (31.1 per cent)
  • Irish (30.4 per cent)
  • French (21.1 per cent)
  • German (5.2 per cent)
  • Dutch (3.1 per cent)
  • Chinese (1.3 per cent)

By percentage of population, Prince Edward Island has the third highest rate of bilingualism in Canda with 12.7 per cent of Islanders speaking both English and French.

More population information and statistics can be found in the Annual Statistical Review.

Published date: 
May 11, 2015