Island Waste Management Corporation

The Island Waste Management Corporation (IWMC) is a Crown Corporation created by an order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council dated May 25th, 1999, for the purpose of developing, implementing, and operating a waste management system to serve PEI.

What is the function of the organization?

The functions of the Corporation shall include:

  • (a) overseeing the Waste Watch program on PEI;
  • (b) investigating the logistics of transferring waste among current and future sites;
  • (c) determining the annual fee to be charged for provision of a residential refuse collection system in the province;
  • (d) operating weigh scales at waste sites and collecting tippage fees.

Primary Role:  Adjudicative

Material Role: 

  • Strategic Development 
  • Managerial/Oversight 

How many people are in the organization?

The Corporation shall consist of nine persons appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, including:

  • (a) the Deputy Minister of Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, and the Deputy Minister of Finance; and
  • (b) six members representing the public at large.

What are the requirements of organization members?

Work & Experience Requirements
A knowledge of waste management and treatment is recommended.

Skills Required
Tribunal skills.

What are the nomination requirements?

Statutory Nomination Requirements
The Lieutenant Governor in Council shall appoint all members.

Will I get paid?

Chair - $200/diem and Members - $142/diem.

What is the time commitment of the organization?

Regular monthly meetings, set by Chairperson.

Members may be reappointed.

Island Waste Management Corporation - Members
Name County Term Start Term End
Matthew McKenna, Chair Queens County Feb 25, 2023 Feb 25, 2025
Lindy McQuillan Queens County May 17, 2022 May 17, 2024
Cletus Dunn Prince County Feb 21, 2023 Feb 21, 2026
Wendy McNeill Prince County Feb 21, 2023 Feb 21, 2026
Paul MacDonald Kings County Feb 21, 2023 Feb 21, 2026
Reg Conohan Kings County Feb 25, 2023 Feb 25, 2025
Karen MacDonald, CEO   May 17, 2021 at pleasure
Deputy Minister of Finance   at pleasure at pleasure
Deputy Minister Agriculture and Fisheries   at pleasure at pleasure
Deputy Minister Transportation & Infrastructure    at pleasure at pleasure

How can I apply?  

If you would like to serve as a member of a provincial government agency, board, or commission (ABC) you can apply online through Engage PEI

Who can I contact?

For further information about the Island Waste Management Corporation, contact:

Karen MacDonald, CEO IWMC



Published date: 
February 28, 2023
Executive Council Office

General Inquiries

Executive Council Office
5th Floor, Shaw Building
95 Rochford Street
P.O. Box 2000,
Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8

General Inquiries:
Phone: 902-368-4502
Fax: 902-368-6118

Engage PEI Inquiries: 

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