Premier’s Action Committee on Family Violence Prevention (Chairperson)

The Premier’s Action Committee on Family Violence Prevention was first appointed by the Premier of Prince Edward Island in December 1995 and has been renewed for five year mandates. The most recent renewal is for the period of April 1, 2019 to March 2024. The mandate of the committee is:

  • to coordinate the implementation of the provincial Family Violence Prevention Strategy;
  • to ensure integrity of community participation is maintained;
  • to ensure an evaluation component is in place;
  • to develop a work plan;
  • to promote the importance of resource allocations necessary for implementation of the strategy; and
  • to communicate initiatives to ensure a high public profile for family violence prevention is maintained across the province.

What is the function of the chairperson?

The chairperson serves as the PAC's official representative in areas of responsibility related to the organization, community, and government.

Responsibilities include:

  • Lead decision-making processes;
  • Act as Chairperson during all meetings of PAC and at the PAC Admin Committee;
  • Carry out various correspondence duties specific to the Chairperson;
  • Act as the official spokesperson, when deemed appropriate on issues in the media, hosting events sponsored by PAC, delivering speeches and presentations on behalf of PAC, and representing PAC;
  • Be a liaison with the Premier and other appropriate Ministers, government officials and community at large;
  • Work with the Family Violence Prevention and Community Development Coordinator to ensure that PAC fulfils its planning process, its mandate; and,
  • Ensure that directions established by the PAC membership are carried out.

Primary Role:  Non-adjudicative
Material Role:
•    Advisory
•    Managerial/Oversight

How many people are on the committee?

Membership is organizational and consists of 32 organizational members representing a broad cross section of government divisions and community organizations.  For a complete list, visit

What are the requirements of the chair?

Work & Experience Requirements: Demonstrated commitment and interest in family violence prevention, and willingness to learn
Skills Required: Demonstrated facilitation and leadership skills as well as oral and written communication skills

Will I get paid?

The chairperson is a volunteer and receives no remuneration however mileage reimbursement is available for travel and associated expenses for PAC related business in province. Committee members are also volunteers and receive no remuneration.

What is the time commitment of the chair?

The chairperson is responsible for chairing scheduled decision-making meetings of the committee, usually quarterly, up to four a year.

The chairperson is also responsible for chairing monthly meetings of the Administration Committee, up to 12 per year. 

The chairperson is also responsible to act as the official spokesperson for PAC and a liaison with the Premier and other appropriate Ministers, government officials and community at large as described in the functions of the chairperson, above.

The chairperson shall be appointed for a term of five years.

How can I apply?

If you would like to serve as part of this provincial government agency, board, or commission (ABC) you can apply online through Engage PEI.


For more information about this committee, you may contact:

Dr. Wendy Verhoek-Oftedahl, Ph.D.
Resource, Premier’s Action Committee on Family Violence Prevention
Phone: 902-368-6712


Published date: 
December 9, 2019
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