Renting in PEI

The following is provided for information only to assist individuals and families who are looking for an apartment or house for rent in Prince Edward Island.

Bulletin boards

Look for postings on bulletin boards in laundromats, libraries, grocery stores and other local businesses. If you are a student, check the boards at UPEI and Holland College housing services.


The back pages of PEI's major daily newspapers and weekly newspapers list rentals. You can read newspapers for free at many public libraries and coffee shops or search the classified sections online.

Rental listing websites

There are many websites that list rentals for PEI

Where can I learn about the coastal hazards of a property? 

Request a free Coastal Hazard Assessment (CHA).  A CHA is a summary of potential erosion and flood hazards associated with a coastal property.  The CHA is intended to provide guidance for current and prospective property owners and renters who want to be aware of the potential impacts of coastal hazards as they buy, sell, develop, rent, and/or maintain a given property.  

Affordable housing supports

  • Down Payment Assistance Program assists qualified residents of Prince Edward Island, who have modest incomes, to purchase a first home.
  • Housing assistance is provided by the government and non-profit organizations and provides affordable housing for seniors, persons with disabilities and families with children.
Published date: 
April 12, 2024