Table of Precedence for Prince Edward Island

The Table of Precedence outlines the order of importance of officials for ceremonies and special events in Prince Edward Island.

At provincial functions where federal, foreign or diplomatic dignitaries are present, circumstances may dictate that provisions of the Table of Precedence of Canada or international rules of protocol be observed, giving these dignitaries precedence over certain provincial categories.

Order of Precedence:

  1. The Lieutenant Governor, or in his or her absence from the Province, the Administrator.

  2. The Premier.

  3. The Mayor or other elected senior official of an incorporated municipality when the ceremony or event is hosted by or particularly involves that municipality.

  4. The Chief Justice.

  5. The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

  6. Former Lieutenant Governors, with relative precedence governed by their date of leaving office.

  7. Former Premiers, with relative precedence governed by their date of leaving office.

  8. Members of the Executive Council.

  9. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court – Trial Division.

  10. Justices of the Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island, with relative precedence governed by the date of appointment.

  11. The Chief Judge of the Provincial Court.

  12. Judges of the Provincial Court, with relative precedence governed by date of appointment.

  13. Members of the Legislative Assembly (Leader of the Opposition, Leader of the Third Party, Deputy Speaker, Government House Leader, thereafter by date of first election, and if coincident, then alphabetically).

  14. Members of the Senate (by date of appointment).

  15. Members of Parliament (Members of the Federal Cabinet, then by date of first election, and if coincident, alphabetically).

  16. Members of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada.

  17. Chiefs of the Mi’kmaq First Nation.

  18. Clerk of the Executive Council.

  19. Mayors or other elected senior officials of incorporated municipalities, alphabetically by municipality name.

  20. The Bishop of Charlottetown, the Bishop of Nova Scotia and the President of the Queens County Ministerial Association, with relative precedence governed by date of appointment or election.

  21. The Senior Officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Prince Edward Island.

  22. The Presidents of the University of Prince Edward Island, Holland College and Collège d’Île.

  23. Deputy Heads of Departments, Agencies, Commissions and Offices of the Provincial Government, with relative precedence governed by date of initial appointment as a Deputy Head.

Council approved a Table of Precedence for the Province of Prince Edward Island effective June 29, 2021.  Further, Council rescinded Minute in Council No. 4/94 of July 14, 1994.


Published date: 
October 27, 2021
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