Upcoming Vacancies for Agencies, Boards or Commissions

The agencies, boards and commissions listed below are now accepting applications for current and upcoming vacancies.

Agencies, Boards or Commissions

Labour Relations Board 

The Labour Relations Board is currently recruiting applicants. The purpose of the Board is to resolve applications from either labour or management. The Board may be required to hold hearings related to certification, unfair labour practice complaints, jurisdictional disputes, revocation of certification orders, as well as other matters. Applicants should have experience and knowledge of labour relations and experience with administrative law would be an asset. Please be advised that meetings and hearings are held during business hours. 

Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Council

The Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Council is seeking to fill a vacancy for a member to represent the general public. The role of the Council is to foster workplace safety, to bring forward recommendations and collective advice to the Workers Compensation Board, and government. 

Relevant experience and commitment to actively participate in the work of the Council are seen as essential qualifications for appointment to the Council. Please be advised that meetings are held during business hours.

Order of PEI Advisory Council

The objective of the Order of Prince Edward Island is to recognize individual excellence, achievement and outstanding contributions to the social, cultural or economic well-being of PEI and its residents.

The Order of PEI Advisory Council is now recruiting applicants for the Council from across Prince Edward Island to fill upcoming vacancies. The role of the Order of PEI Advisory Council is to receive and consider nominations for the Order each year. Two residents of each county in the province are appointed for a three-year term that may be extended, from among the individuals who apply through Engage PEI .

PEI Sports Hall of Fame and Museum Inc.

The Department of Health and Wellness is soliciting applications for a member at large. The department values and supports diversity in representation in its agencies, boards and commissions and encourages applicants from across the Island’s diverse population.

Premier’s Action Committee on Family Violence Prevention

The Premier’s Action Committee on Family Violence Prevention is seeking a chairperson for a five-year term. The mandate of the committee is to coordinate the implementation and evaluation of the provincial Family Violence Prevention Strategy, develop a work plan, ensure integrity of community participation, promote the importance of resource allocations necessary for implementation of the strategy; and communicate initiatives to ensure a high public profile for family violence prevention is maintained across the province.

Social Assistance Appeal Board

The Social Assistance Appeal Board provides independent hearing and adjudication to social assistance clients who are dissatisfied with decisions made concerning their application/benefits under social assistance.

The Department of Social Development and Housing is currently seeking applications from Islanders interested in serving on the Social Assistance Appeal Board. Relevant experience in human services is required.  There will be immediate openings for residents of Queens and Kings County. Persons with lived experience as a recipient of Social Assistance are also encouraged to apply. The deadline for applications is February 6, 2021.

Tourism PEI Board of Directors

The Department of Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture is currently seeking applications from Islanders interested in serving on the Tourism PEI Board of Directors.

Board members should have a strong background and experience in business and currently work at an ownership or senior management level in their respective area of expertise.  Experience in tourism would be an asset. In addition, Board members should possess a sound understanding of good business and economic development policy, including competency in the areas of strategic thinking, finance, human resource management, governance, international business, and legal/risk management. The deadline for applications is February 12, 2021.

Published date: 
January 21, 2021
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