Upcoming Vacancies for Agencies, Boards or Commissions

The agencies, boards and commissions listed below are now accepting applications for current and upcoming vacancies.

Agencies, Boards or Commissions

Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA): Compliance Panel and Appellate Panel Rosters

The CFTA allows for the establishment of a panel to resolve disputes between parties (i.e. government-to-government) or persons and parties (i.e. person-to-government).There are two (2) vacancies on PEI’s panel roster.

Charlottetown Area Development Corporation

The Charlottetown Area Development Corporation is recruiting members for its board of directors. The purpose of the corporation is to innovate, invest and provide expertise for projects; act as a catalyst with the private sector; and initiate development projects and facilitate urban renewal.

Employment Standards Board

The Employment Standards Board is recruiting applicants. The purpose of the Employment Standards Board is to provide an independent forum for the fair adjudication of employment rights and obligations as outlined in the Employment Standards Act. The Employment Standards Board is also responsible for completing the annual minimum wage review. Experience and knowledge of employment standards or administrative law would be an asset.

Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Council

The Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Council is currently recruiting one (1) worker and one (1) employer representative to fill membership vacancies. The purpose of this board is to assist in creating safer, healthier workplaces for Islanders. The Council provides advice to the Workers Compensation Board on occupational health and safety matters throughout the province and advises government on proposed revisions to the legislation.

Premier’s Action Committee on Family Violence Prevention

The Premier’s Action Committee on Family Violence Prevention is seeking a chairperson for a five-year term.  The mandate of the committee is to coordinate the implementation and evaluation of the provincial Family Violence Prevention Strategy, develop a work plan, ensure integrity of community participation, promote the importance of resource allocations necessary for implementation of the strategy; and communicate initiatives to ensure a high public profile for family violence prevention is maintained across the province.

Workers Compensation Board

The Workers Compensation Board is recruiting to fill membership vacancies. The board establishes policies and programs required for the administration of the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Experience and knowledge of worker's compensation and workplace safety would be an asset.

Learning Partners Advisory Council

The Learning Partners Advisory Council is recruiting to fill membership vacancies. Candidates should be representative of PEI’s diversity, including demographics, region, and communities of interest. Individuals should bring a range of perspectives and ideas and a strong commitment to enhancing learning in PEI from birth to the senior years.

Published date: 
December 6, 2019
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