PEI Home Renovation Programs

The PEI Home Renovation Programs will be accepting applications between 8:30 a.m. March 20th, 2017 and 5:00 p.m. April 21st, 2017. See below for application and more information.

The PEI Home Renovation Programs may be able to help you with the cost of major structural renovations to your home. You could receive up to a maximum $6,000 for eligible renovations to the structure, heating, plumbing, and electrical systems or to improve life safety.

Up to a maximum $8,000 may be available if you are a person with a permanent disability and if the renovations are to help you accommodate your disability.

Am I eligible for help to pay for renovating my home?

You are eligible to apply if:

  • your combined income is $35,000 or less;
  • your property value is $145,000 or less;
  • your property tax payments are no more than one year behind;
  • the property is your principal residence;
  • you have owned your property for three years or more; and
  • you have not met the maximum grant through previous applications to the PEI Home Renovation Programs.

Applicants with the lowest income will be the first to receive funding.

How do I apply for the program?

* Please read the brochure and application form and PEI Home Renovations Program Policy before sending in your application. Any missed information will cause delays in processing your application.

1. Fill out the application.

2. Submit your application to any Access PEI location or at the PEI Home Renovation Programs' office at 161 St. Peters Road in Charlottetown.

Who do I contact about the PEI Home Renovation Programs?

PEI Home Renovation Programs
161 St. Peters Road, P.O. Box 2000
Charlottetown  C1A 7N8
Telephone: (902) 368-4889
Toll Free:1-855-374-7366
Fax: (902) 368-3394

Published date: 
March 14, 2017