911 Cost Recovery Fee

Information for telecommunications providers responsible to register with the Department of Finance and to collect and remit the 911 Cost Recovery Fee can be found on this page. Information for members of the public on the PEI 911 service can be found on the 911 Administration page.

This section provides general information on the 911 Cost Recovery Fee including legislative authority, rate, collection and remittance requirements

What is the 911 Cost Recovery Fee?

To cover the costs of the 911 emergency service, as set out in the Emergency 911 Act, telecommunications carriers must collect a monthly fee from their local subscribers and remit those fees to the Minister of Finance through the Taxation and Property Records Division.

How much is the fee?

Currently, the 911 cost recovery fee for PEI is set at $0.70 per month or part month for each telephone service subscribed to by a local subscriber.

Who collects the fee?

Telecommunication carriers must register with the province by filling out a Registration for 911 Cost Recovery Fee Collection(562 Kb) form. Registered carriers act as an agent for the province in the collection of the fee.

How do telecommunication carriers remit the fees collected from subscribers?

Telecommunication carriers must file and remit the fees collected from local subscribers on a monthly basis by filling out a 911 Cost Recovery Fee Return form and sending it, along with payment, to the Taxation and Property Records Division.

The filing and remittance deadline is 20 days after the end of the period covered by the return, even if no fee is payable.

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Published date: 
January 3, 2018