Benefits for Islanders 2018

The Government of Prince Edward Island is investing in programs that provide direct benefits to Island residents and businesses. Here are some of the new and expanded benefits that may be available to you as a resident of Prince Edward Island.

Island Advantage: Help with tuition

Free tuition for more than 1,000 Islanders

New grants for lower-income students attending one of the province's three public post-secondary schools mean tuition will be completely covered by federal and provincial funding.

PEI residents studying on PEI

All Island students will receive more money in bursaries starting this fall. This could mean $4,400 to $8,800 in bursaries, depending on your program of study.

No application is required. To receive this money, PEI residents need to enroll at UPEI, Holland College, Maritime Christian College or College de l'ile. This bursary is only for first-time students.

Low and middle-income students

Low and middle-income Islanders can access needs-based support on top of the other bursaries. When you apply for a student loan, we will access your income and eligibility for support.


Childcare subsidies will be increased by $1.2 million and up to 400 new childcare spaces will be added.


The Seniors Independence Initiative will provide $1.65 million for practical services to support the independence of seniors.

The Grandparents and Care Providers program helps eligible families who provide out-of-home care for children, giving them $700 per month per child, as well as child care and children's dental and drug coverage.


Up to 1,000 new low-income housing units will be added in partnership with our community care providers.

Electricity tax relief

The first block of residential electricity will now be rebated equivalent to the provincial portion of the HST on electricity bills each month. This means an average of $120 a year in savings per household.

A rebate equivalent to the provincial portion of HST will also be available for firewood, pellets and propane through a point-of-sale credit or rebate.

For more information on energy rebates, contact Efficiency PEI

Jobs for Islanders

Partnerships with industry will help connect Islanders with jobs and fill high-demand vacancies in various sectors through programs such as Team Trucking, Team Seafood, Team Construction and PEI Farm Team.

Small Businesses

A Small Business Tax Cut will save a small business up to $2,500 a year. The tax rate will decrease by 0.5 per cent this year - the first decrease of a multi-year commitment to strengthen our competitive edge.

Small Business Investment Grant

A new Small Business Investment Grant will give companies a 15 per cent rebate on business investments up to $25,000. This will result in a savings of up to $3.750 for Island companies to help them reinvest and grow.

Learn more at Loans and Incentives

Tax Relief for all Islanders

The Basic Personal Amount will increase by $500 in 2018 with a further increase of $500 in 2019. Approximately 2,200 additional Islanders will no longer pay any provincial income tax.

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Published date: 
May 4, 2018
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