Computers for Schools

Computers for Schools (CFS) is a federal government-led initiative that collects, repairs and refurbishes donated surplus computers from government and private sector sources and redistributes them to Canada’s schools, libraries, and not-for-profit learning organizations.

Who administers CFS?

Federally, CFS is administered by Industry Canada in collaboration with other federal departments, provinces, and territories and the private, not-for-profit, and volunteer sectors. Provincially, it is delivered by the PEI Department of Finance.

What is the objective of CFS?

CFS helps Canadian students gain greater access to computer technology so that they can develop the skills needed to thrive in a knowledge-based economy. On Prince Edward Island, schools have benefited from over 20,000 computers delivered through CFS; Canada-wide over schools, libraries and not-for-profit learning organizations have received more than 1.4 million computers. 

What are the key benefits of CFS?

Placing more computers into classrooms means that Canadian students get more hands-on opportunities to learn about computers and new technology, to develop new skills, and to learn how to make better use of the Internet. 

CFS completely refurbishes donated equipment by replacing parts, wiping the hard drives, installing operating systems and basic software, and thoroughly cleaning and repackaging each unit for distribution to schools, libraries and not-for-profit learning organizations anywhere in Canada. 

CFS plays an important role in meeting the objectives of the government’s Youth Employment Strategy by employing in its network of computer repair centres technical program graduates, co-op students, youth interns, students, youths at risk, contract technicians, labourers, and people with physical and/or mental disabilities, as well as using the services of hundreds of volunteers. 

CFS also provides environmental benefits by ensuring that computer systems are reused and recycled so that they do not end up in landfill sites. Non-working systems are stripped of all functional parts that are then used to repair other systems. Drives containing older or unusable software are wiped and re-used; if not, they are crushed. 

What type of equipment do you accept?

To minimize the time needed for refurbishment and get the computers to the schools, libraries and not-for-profit learning organizations faster, CFS will only accept donated equipment in good working order. 

Major Components

  • Personal computers (Dual Core or better) 
  • Laser Printers
  • Laptops (Dual Core or better) with Adapters
  • Monitors (17" LCD or better) 
  • Laptop Bags


  • Hard Disk Drives (80GB SATA or better) 
  • DVD-R/W
  • Video Cards (PCI-E)
  • Memory (DDR 1 gig or better) 

CFS ensures that the hard drive is electronically wiped of all information and that the exterior surfaces of the equipment are cleaned of dust and dirt. 

Can an organization that already donates its computers directly to schools participate in CFS?

Organizations already donating computer equipment to schools are encouraged to join CFS, provided that the donated computers are “classroom ready” and that they meet the standards outlined above.

Can I obtain a tax receipt for the computer equipment that I donate to CFS?

Yes, tax receipts are available, providing the donated computers meet the minimum requirements.

After I apply for computers, when will they be delivered?

The delivery time for hardware and software depends on the availability of computers and technical staff. Applicants should contact us for details.

Does my school/school board have to pay for hardware or software received from CFS?

All hardware and software are provided without cost. Warehousing and repair costs are absorbed by sponsors of the CFS program.

What if my school/school board receives a computer from CFS and it doesn’t work?

While every effort is made to deliver working computers, shipment may create some difficulties. Should you receive a non-functioning unit, please contact us.

Pour service en français, veuillez, s’il-vous-plaît, composer le 1-800-575-9200.  

How can I contact CFS?

For information on how the program works or if you are interested in supporting the PEI Computers for Schools program with donations of equipment, expertise or funds:

John Brennan
Manager, Infrastructure Support - Projects I.T. Shared Services
Department of Finance
Tel: (902) 368-5138

To discuss equipment donations, parts and deliveries contact:

Troy Glydon
CFS PEI Workshop Manager - I.T. Shared Services
Department of Finance

40A Burns Avenue
Charlottetown PE  C1E 1H7
Tel: (902) 620-3226

Published date: 
December 10, 2015
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