Land Parcel Information - GeoLinc Plus

What is GeoLinc Plus?

GeoLinc Plus is an online system that provides access to assessment, tax, registry, and property mapping information for any parcel of land in Prince Edward Island via the Internet. The name of the property owner, civic address or the parcel number is required to obtain information regarding the property.  

The computerized map library component of GeoLinc Plus allows users to view the size, shape and assessment value of a particular piece of property in Prince Edward Island. 

Additional information can be found in the Getting Started with GeoLinc Plus User Manual (1.5 Mb). 

Is GeoLinc Plus available to the public?

Access to GeoLinc Plus is available to those who register for a GeoLinc Plus account. Those interested in registering for a GeoLinc Plus account can complete a Registration for GeoLinc Plus Account form and submit it as directed on the form. 

GeoLinc Plus users who have an account can login using the GeoLinc Plus login.

Is there a cost associated with the use of GeoLinc Plus?

A GeoLinc Plus account can be opened with a prepaid minimum balance of $25.00. The account is then debited on a transaction basis.   

Transaction costs are as follows:

$0.25 - Property Search
$1.00 - Property Assessment Data
$1.00 - Registry Information
$1.00 - Property Charges Information
$2.00 - Property Map

What are the payment options?

When the account balance becomes low, the user will receive a low balance alert.

Funds can be replenished by sending a cheque or money order payable to the Minister of Finance. The GeoLinc Plus Payment Remittance (621 Kb) form is available for the convenience of GeoLinc Plus users.

How is information on the GeoLinc Plus system communicated to the group of users?

A GeoLinc Plus Notice is produced and posted on our website when information (i.e. upgrades, systems requirements, enhancement, etc.) regarding GeoLinc Plus needs to be communicated to the user group.


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Published date: 
May 29, 2017