Provincial Budget: Operating Budget

The operating budget is the estimates of revenue and expenditure that detail spending plans by the Government of Prince Edward Island to operate each department for the next fiscal year.

The 2019-20 provincial budget and related information is available in the following documents:

2019 Budget Fact Sheet Cover for HealthMore responsive health care

Islanders will benefit from more direct supports as we work closely with our professionals and continue investing in our health care system to ensure it is proactive, responsive and efficient.

For full details, download the Health Fact Sheet

Primary family medicine

5.4% increase in expenditures over last year.

A significant first step is the addition of two new family physicians in Queen’s County and $1.6 million to support nurse practitioners added in the past years.

Together, these investments will provide primary family medicine to 3,000 Islanders who are currently on the wait list.

100 new long-term care beds

$3.2 million in new dollars identified in the budget.

Island seniors will continue to receive supports in their homes and home communities, as well as in specialized care, as the budget follows through on the commitment to deliver 100 new long-term care beds across the province.

Supports for mental health

Major transformation over the next 3-4 years.

Islanders in need of mental health supports will see a big boost in needed services. Particular support has been identified for the mobile mental health crisis program, for mental health services at Prince County Hospital and for the forensic unit at Hillsborough Hospital. Supports will continue for schools, youth and families.

2019 Budget Fact Sheet Cover for Investing in Our FutureInvesting in our future

There is nothing more important to the future of Prince Edward Island than our children and youth.

For full details, download the Investing in our future Fact Sheet

Supporting school children

32 new teachers and 42 new EA positions - a total of 74 new front-line staff.

K-12 education and early years education are receiving the single largest increase in education in over a decade with an additional investment of $19.2 million.

Investment in early childhood education

Wage increases for early childhood educators.

Wage increases will continue for our early childhood educators, and a long-term plan will be created. Wage benefits will be extended to the Best Start Program as well.

Off on the right path

4-year old pre-school program. 

Resources will be committed this year to a full public engagement and assessment of what a community-based 4-year old pre-school program could look like in our province.

2019 Budget Fact Sheet Cover for Neighbours Helping NeighboursNeighbours helping neighbours

It is how we serve one another that is the real mark of us as a society – $11.3 million increase to address Social Development.

For full details, download the Neighbours helping neighbours Fact Sheet

Poverty reduction

Investing in a a PEI secure-income pilot. 

Islanders will get a helping hand with $4.7 million towards poverty reduction and Access Ability supports. PEI will invest $225,000 to develop a PEI secure-income pilot. 

Affordable housing 

No one should have to worry about having a roof over their head.

Further investments in affordable housing include $2.2 million in rent supplements and $4.4 million to build affordable units in partnership with community, non-governmental organizations, developers and the federal government.

Funding for shelters

Increase in grants and supports.

On top of support for Bedford MacDonald House, $100,000 annually will support shelter for women in PEI. Grants through the Interministerial Women’s Secretariat will increase by $100,000 each year for the next 3 years and $100,000 will be provided to support a Survivors of Sexual Assault Program.

2019 Budget Fact Sheet Cover for Income for IslandersMore disposable income for Islanders

We want to ensure all Islanders, and lower-income Islanders in particular have more money in their pockets at the end of the day.

For full details, download the More disposable income for Islanders Fact Sheet

Basic personal income Tax

The basic personal income tax amount will be raised to $10,000. Changes will also be made to the spouse and equivalent to spouse amounts.

Tax savings for Islanders

The low income threshold will move from $17,000 to $18,000 on January 1, 2020.

Small business tax rate

The small business tax rate will drop by an additional 0.5% to 3.0% on January 1, 2020.

2019 Budget Fact Sheet Cover for CommunitiesInvesting in Island Communities and Business 

The people who make up our communities are the real source of strength in our province. We will continue to make historic investments in modernizing our infrastructure.

For more details, download the Investing in Island Communities and Business Fact Sheet

Developing more active transportation corridors

Islanders are encouraged to opt for new ways of travel to reduce the number of passenger vehicles on our roads. Additional funding will be provided for Pat and the Elephant and for Transportation West.

Roads and bridges

Major infrastructure project areas include $56 million for roads and bridges, and $13.8 million for water and wastewater.

Technology-based infrastructure

$17.4 million has been budgeted this year for the high-speed internet initiative, including $2 million to support local companies.

2019 Budget Fact Sheet Cover for EnvironmentInvesting in Environment, Climate Change and Energy Futures

Prince Edward Islanders are acutely aware of the perils of climate change and its consequent impact on our natural environment. 

We want to initiate efforts that lower our emissions and provide environmentally and economically sound options in all sectors.

For more details, download the Investing in Environment, Climate Change and Energy Futures Fact Sheet

Renewable, homegrown energy

Helping Islanders at home.

The budget continues to advance the work of the province’s Climate Action Plan, Climate Adaptation Plan and Energy Strategy. $10 million in incentives will be provided for fuel switching in existing homes and businesses and in system investments.

Wind energy

New 30 megawatt wind farm.

A new 30 megawatt wind farm will be initiated this year at a total cost of $60 million, with the goal of being operational by 2020.

Preserving our natural environment

Islanders understand the importance of the environment.

A further $200,000 will be provided to Island watershed groups for research initiatives on best water practices. We will also undertake the one million trees project to help encourage reforestation.

Where can I find older budget documents?

Search Budget Archives for documents from 1998 to 2018.


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