Resizing Photos for Online Forms

You may wish to take a photo of documentation in order to complete an online form. In order to upload an image within the form, you may need to reduce the file size. These instructions are provided as a guideline but your device may differ. Also visit Submitting Forms Online for more helpful tips. 

Cover any personal information on your documentation that is not relevant for your application.

On iPhone:

  1. Take a photo with your iPhone camera.
  2. Open the Camera Roll app and find the photo you took. Tap the Share icon and select the Email option. The Email app will open to a new email for you to create.
  3. Enter your own email address in the ‘To’ field. You can enter a Subject line if you choose.
  4. Tap Send (or the Send icon). Options should appear that allow you to attach the photo to the email in various sizes. Choose a photo size that is less than 700Kb.
  5. Open the email that you sent to yourself and open the photo attachment.
  6. You should see a share icon when viewing the photo. Tap it, then select Save Image. The reduced size photo will now be saved to the Camera Roll on your phone.

On Android:

  1. Take a photo with your Android camera.
  2. Open the Gallery app and select the photo that you just took.
  3. Tap the Edit icon on the photo. The photo will be split into squares with L shaped borders around the corners.
  4. Tap and hold an L shaped border on one of the photo corners and drag it toward the center of the image. You’ll notice that the squares surround the image will shrink and the screen will zoom in to this reduced area.
  5. Repeat step 4 until you have selected the area of the photo that you want to crop and tap Save to save your changes.

On PC:

  1. Take a photo with your mobile phone and email the image to yourself using the steps above (depending on your device).
  2. On your PC, open your email and download the photo to a folder on your computer.
  3. Open the Paint program on your computer.
  4. Go to File > Open and find the photo that you downloaded to your computer and select it so it opens in Paint.
  5. Click on the Resize option under the Home tab and a Resize and Skew window will open.
  6. Select the Pixels option in this window, then adjust the Horizontal and Vertical values under ‘Resize’. Make sure the ‘Maintain aspect ratio’ box is checked. Click the OK button.
  7. Re-save the file.
Published date: 
June 29, 2021

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