Royal Gazette Submissions and Subscriptions

Where can I find Royal Gazette Volumes and Indices online?

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Where do I go to submit notices for weekly volumes or sign up for annual subscriptions?

You can submit notices for weekly Royal Gazette Volumes by sending them to the King’s Printer of Prince Edward Island. You can also sign up for an annual subscription to receive Royal Gazette Volumes and Indices.

What are the submission requirements for notices?

All notices must be submitted in electronic format as a Word file to Enter “Royal Gazette Submissions” in the subject line. A signed copy of the notice must accompany all submissions. Signed copies may be scanned and sent as a PDF file to the above email or faxed to (902) 368-5168. Your notice will not be published without the signed copy.

What are the submission deadlines for notices to be added to a Royal Gazette?

Notices must be received no later than close of business day (4:00 pm during summer hours and 5:00 pm during winter hours) on the Tuesday prior to the publication date in which they should appear.

For weeks that include a statutory holiday such as Easter Monday or Remembrance Day, the deadline is the close of the last business day before Tuesday.

What are the fees for notices?

The basic rate for notices is $5 per inch plus HST, with a minimum charge of $15 plus HST. The King’s Printer will issue an invoice after the notice is published.

How much does an annual subscription cost?

The annual subscription rate for the Royal Gazette is $75 (plus applicable taxes) for 52 or 53 weekly issues beginning the first Saturday in January.

How much does a pro-rated subscription cost?

In-year new subscriptions will be pro-rated for the first year. A new subscriber may order back issues of the Royal Gazette at the single-copy rate of $1.25 (plus HST) per copy. Individual copies may also be ordered.

Where do I send payments for notices and subscriptions?

Make payments by cheque, payable to the Minister of Finance, King’s Printer. All subscription inquiries and correspondence, including address changes, should be mailed to:

Royal Gazette
PO Box 2000
Charlottetown, PE   C1A 7N8

Phone: (902) 368-5190
Fax: (902) 368-5168

Who can I contact for more information?

Office of the King’s Printer
Phone: (902) 368-5190
Fax: (902) 368-5168


The Office of the King’s Printer is located in the Shaw Building, Rochford Street, Charlottetown.

Published date: 
September 15, 2022

General Inquiries

Office of the King's Printer
PO Box 2000
Charlottetown, PE   C1A 7N8

Phone: 902-368-5190
Fax: 902-368-5168