Submitting Online Forms

Submitting an online form is a simple, convenient and secure way to apply for a program, request a service, or make a payment. Government continues to improve the services offered as more PEI residents choose to access them online.

The following suggestions may help you submit an online form successfully. 

Where do I find the form?

Online forms have a support page which lists the information or documents you will need to complete the form. It is a good idea to gather this material before you open the form and start filling it out. Partly completed information can’t be saved so you will want to have everything you need so you can complete the form in one sitting.

Click on the blue button at the bottom of the support page to open the link to the form.

Why isn’t my form working?

Online forms function better on up-to-date versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browsers. Most browsers update automatically but you should check that yours is up to date so the form will function properly. Do not use discontinued browsers such as Internet Explorer.

Why can’t I move to the next page of the form?    

The form will allow you to type out text, select options, or upload a file. Some questions are optional, others are required. Required questions are displayed with an asterisk (*) beside them. You won’t be able to advance to the next page in the form if you don’t fill out required questions. If you mistakenly missed a question, it may be highlighted in red.

Why can’t I upload files?

If you are unable to upload a file, you can take a photo of the document or use a scanner to create an electronic copy. Then try uploading the electronic copy.

If the document or image you want to upload is too large, you may have to resize it to fit the maximum upload size indicated. For information about resizing, refer to Resizing Photos for Online Forms.   

Can I save my completed form?

You will have a chance to preview your information once you complete the form. To keep a copy of your submission, save, print or screen shot the preview page before you click the submit button. 

Why was my submission unsuccessful?

You may have re-clicked the submit button. Clicking the submit button more than once will cancel the submission. Please be patient after you click the button; sometimes the form takes additional time to fully submit. You also need to be careful not to hit the Previous or Next Page buttons too many times. Avoid using emojis when you fill out the form as well as they may make your submission unsuccessful.

After confirming your internet is connected and your browser is up-to-date, try filling out the form and submitting it again. If it doesn’t submit (or if you notice an error message display) contact Providing details such as the name of the form and type of device and browser you are using will help troubleshoot the issue.

How will I know if my form submitted?

You will see a confirmation screen after the form has submitted which will display a submission ID. You can copy and save, print, or screen shot this screen to keep it for future reference. The confirmation will also be emailed to you automatically, if you provided your email address on the first page of the form. 

Who do I email if I have questions about the form or my submission? 

You can find contact information on the support page you visited to access the form or you can send questions to

Published date: 
June 22, 2020

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