Common Questions about Cannabis

In response to the federal government’s decision to legalize cannabis, the Government of Prince Edward Island has created policies to reduce the illegal market for cannabis, to help Islanders make an informed choice, and to protect the public health and safety of our citizens.

These questions and answers are related to the legalization of recreational cannabis.

For information on medical cannabis use, visit Health Canada

Why is cannabis being legalized?

The Government of Canada has decided to legalize recreational cannabis in Canada. From the perspective of the Government of Canada, some of the reasons for legalization include:

  • to keep profits out of the hands of organized crime
  • to ensure that Canadians who choose to use cannabis have access to a safer, known and legal product
  • to prevent Canadians from receiving a criminal record for simple cannabis possession

How can Islanders learn more about cannabis legalization?

In the lead-up to cannabis becoming legal, we are launching a public information campaign to raise awareness about these new laws. We will also support the federal government’s planned national public awareness campaign.

We are developing a strategy to help protect young people, and to help educators, health officials, youth workers and service providers address and prevent substance abuse.

When will cannabis be legal in PEI?

No date has yet been set. When the Government of Canada’s Cannabis Act comes into effect, recreational cannabis will be legal in Canada. This is expected to happen sometime in the summer of 2018. PEI cannabis laws will come into force once federal legislation is in effect.

How old do I have to be to consume cannabis?

The legal age for cannabis use will in Prince Edward Island will be age 19, which is the same as our legal age for alcohol and tobacco.

Where can I consume cannabis?

You will be able to consume cannabis in a private home and the yard attached to a private home.  You can also consume cannabis on vacant land, with the consent of the owner of that land. In rented or shared spaces where smoking is prohibited, such as rental units, community care facilities and long-term care facilities, there may be designated spaces for smoking. Restrictions on where you can consume cannabis will help limit its impact on communities and public health, and includes smoking, vaping and consuming edible cannabis. 

How can I get legal cannabis?

You can buy cannabis at a government-owned retail location, or online through a government-owned e-store with direct-to-home delivery. There will be four retail locations in Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown, Summerside, Montague and West Prince).

What about edible cannabis?

Edible cannabis products are still illegal to commercially produce and sell in Canada, but we expect the federal government will make edible products legal next year.

How much cannabis am I allowed to have?

Adults will be allowed to have up to 30 grams in public. This will mean that a person can only purchase and transport 30 grams at any one time. There are no limits to how much legally purchased cannabis you can keep in your home. Youth under the age of 19 are prohibited from possessing or consuming cannabis.

Can I grow cannabis at home?

Yes. Islanders will be allowed to grow up to four cannabis plants in their homes. It is important to ensure cannabis grown at home is kept out of the hands of youth.

Am I allowed to grow and sell cannabis to my friends or at local markets?

No.  It is still illegal to sell cannabis to your friends or at local markets, including edible products. Cannabis will only be sold from government-owned retail locations and through a government-owned website.

How can I become a legal cannabis producer or seller?

The federal government will continue to regulate growing and producing cannabis. Information on how to apply for a license can be found at 

What are the rules on driving and cannabis?

Impaired driving – by cannabis or any drug – is illegal. You can not drive any vehicle while the driver, or anyone else in the vehicle, is consuming cannabis. When being transported in a vehicle, cannabis must be out of reach to the driver.

What are the penalties for driving while impaired by cannabis?

An impaired driver will be subject to charges under federal legislation and penalties under the Highway Traffic Act. You could lose your driver's licence and face potential jail time. There will be additional charges and fines if you drive impaired with a minor in the car

What are the penalties for breaking these rules on cannabis?

You could receive a ticket, fine, or charges, based on the seriousness of the offence. Possessing too much cannabis in public, selling cannabis, providing cannabis to teens, and driving while impaired by cannabis are violations of provincial legislation or the Criminal Code of Canada.


Provincial cannabis committee

The Government of Canada is working to legalize, regulate and restrict access to cannabis. Until the new system is in place, it is illegal to buy, sell or produce cannabis for non-medical purposes.
Published date: 
March 26, 2018
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