Municipal Administration FAQs


Is our municipal council expected to meet?

The Chief Public Health Office recommends non-essential meetings be postponed. Should council members be required to meet, we recommend using an online teleconferencing tool, conference call service, or live streaming. Please be sure to provide adequate notice to residents and to provide good record keeping of council discussions and decisions.

Does our municipality still have to have a public financial meeting?

Minister Jamie Fox has extended all Municipal Government Act administrative deadlines until further notice. This includes the requirement for a public meeting in respect of the financial plan, adoption of the financial plan by council, and submission of the financial plan to the Minister.

We encourage you to resume completing your financial plan as soon as you can while respecting the directives of the Chief Public Health Officer and protecting the health and safety of all concerned.

Deadlines and Payments

Are Municipal Tax Rate Certificates still due by March 31, 2020?

Taxation and Property Records has advised that they understand there may be impacts from following the recommendations of our Chief Health Officer in relation to COVID-19 and anticipate this may have changed some municipal meetings. 

To assist with these changes, Taxation and Property Records is accepting Municipal Rate Certificates by e-mail to, with originals also sent by regular mail. Taxation and Property Records is also extending the deadline for receipt of these to April 8, 2020.

When can I expect the municipal equalization grant to be paid?

Municipal equalization grant payments will be sent out April 1 as per the regular schedule.

When can I expect the municipal tax credit payments to be made?

Municipal Tax and Tax Credit payments will also go out as normally scheduled at the end of the month starting in April.

Water and Sewer Utilities

Our Water and Sewer Utilities are essential services, what if we need help?

Municipal water and/or sewer utilities are essential services. Local residents receiving these services rely on them continuing.

In the case of self-isolation requirements for your primary or back up operators, know that provincial staff with the Drinking Water and Wastewater Management team of the Department of Environment, Water and Climate Change are ready to assist as needed. Contact the PEI Emergency Operations Centre should your municipality require assistance at or (902) 894-0385.

Visit Drinking Water and Wastewater: COVID-19 FAQs for more information on the impact of COVID-19 on water.

Published date: 
April 3, 2020
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