Municipal By-Elections

Current Municipal Council Vacancies 

Note: MGA s. 60 (3) allows for a vacancy to remain if the vacancy occurs in the last twelve months of the council’s term.

                            The next general municipal election will be held Monday, November 7, 2022. 

Municipality Position By-Election Date  Results or Nomination Dates
Hunter River Councillor  November 7, 2022  
Darlington Mayor November 7, 2022  
Murray Harbour Councillor November 7, 2022  
York Councillor November 7, 2022  
Hampshire Mayor November 7, 2022  
                                                                               Vacancies - By-Elections 2021
Murray River Councillor November 7, 2022  
St. Peters Councillor November 7, 2022  
Eastern Kings Mayor November 7, 2022  
Souris West Councillor (3) November 7, 2022  MA for Michelle Monette
Tignish Councillor November 7, 2022 (Nominations opened Nov. 2 and closed Nov. 19 - no nominations)
North Rustico Councillors (3) 8-Nov-21 (A) Andrea Greenan, Margaret Goulding, Allan Smith (MA)
Warren Grove Councillor (3) 04-Oct-21  (A) Noemie Wheatley, Laurie Turner and John MacAllar
Three Rivers Councillor  4-Oct-21 (E) Hannah Dawson-Murphy 
Victoria Mayor/Councillors (2) 30-Aug-21 (A) Councillors Marley Anderson/Eric Gilbert (E) Mayor Keith Dewar
Crapaud Councillors (4) 2-Aug-21 Trustee Appointed
Souris West Councillor 21-Jun-21 (MA)
Sherbrooke Councillor 21-Jun-21 (A) Kris Pauptit
Cornwall Councillor 17-May-21 (E) Judy Herlihy 
Borden-Carleton Councillor 10-May-21  (E) Eric Stewart
Crapaud Councillor (3) 10-May-21  (E) Jo-Anne Harvey, Tom Patterson, Della Ferguson
Breadalbane Councillor (3) 10-May-21  (A) John MacLeod, Michael Rahn, Sharon Duncan
Kensington Councillor 03-May-21  (E) Bonnie MacRae
Kinkora Councillor  3-May-21 (E) Harrison Duffy and Amanda Dwyer
Central Prince Councillor 12-April-21  (A) Deanna Wagner
Northport Councillor 12-April-21  (A) Karen Milligan
Alexandra Mayor/Councillor  12-Apr-21 (A) Mayor Melody vanOmme, Lucille Carter
Miminegash Councillor 22-Mar-21  (A) Nicole Deagle
Belfast Councillor 15-Mar-21  (A) Mary Elizabeth Mecher-Carlson
North Wiltshire Councillor 15-Mar-21  (A) R. Keith Belbin
St. Peter’s  Councillor 8-Mar-21 (A) Debbie MacKinnon
Resort Councillor 22-Feb-21 (A) Kay Hryckiw
Three Rivers Councillor 22-Feb-21 (E) Larry Creed
Mount Stewart Councillor/Mayor  22-Feb-21 (A) Kristine Crann Mayor, Beverly Campbell and Spencer Long
York Councillor /Mayor 22-Feb-21 (A)(MA) Dianne MacKenzie, Barb Vessey (Mayor), Lyndon James Doiron
Malpeque Bay Councillor   (MA) Krista Ashley 
Published date: 
February 25, 2022
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