Municipal Election Results 2022 (Unofficial)


Unofficial municipal election results will be posted here for 57 of the 59 municipalities. (Rural Municipality of Darlington has applied to dissolve and the Resort Municipality elected their council in August.)

Municipal Election results for Charlottetown, Cornwall, Stratford, Summerside, and Three Rivers will be posted by Elections PEI(link is external)

                                 Click for full results November 7, 2022 

Municipality Candidate Name Position Ward Status
Alberton Chester Adams Councillor    Elected
Alan Curtis Councillor    Elected
Blair Duggan Councillor    Elected
Krista Murphy  Councillor    Elected
Micheal Murphy Councillor    
Mary Jean O’Brien Councillor    Elected
Brian Poirier Councillor    Elected
Borden-Carleton Larry Allen Councillor    Elected
Nicole Bernard-Arsenault  Councillor    Elected
Krista Hagen Councillor    
Brian O’Connor Councillor    
Laurel Palmer-Thompson Councillor    Elected
Ashley Steele Councillor    Elected
Eric Stewart Councillor    Elected
Barbara Wood Councillor    Elected
Breadalbane Margo Dooks  Mayor    
Irene Novaczek Mayor    Elected
Charlottetown Phillip Brown Mayor    Elected
Daniel Mullen Mayor    
Cecil Villard Mayor    
Alanna Jankov Councillor 1  Elected
Joanna Morrison Councillor 1  
Wade Munn Councillor 1  
Terry MacLeod Councillor 2  
Eric McMurray Councillor 2  
Justin Muttart Councillor 2  Elected
Wendi James Poirier Councillor 2  
Norman Beck Councillor 3  Elected
Barb MacLeod Councillor 3  
Barbara Dylla Councillor 4  
Mitchell G. Tweel Councillor 4  Elected
Tony Carroll Councillor 5  
Daniel Cousins Councillor 5  
Pauline MacIntyre Councillor 5  
Kevin Ramsay Councillor 5  Elected
Bob Doiron, Ryan Councillor 6  Elected
Ryan Ramsay Councillor 6  
Linda Clark Councillor 7  
Paul Gaudet Councillor 7  
John Wilfred McAleer Councillor 7  Elected
Corey Driscoll Councillor 8  
Trevor MacKinnon Councillor 8  Elected
Charlene Wright Councillor 8  
Gordon Gay Councillor 9  
Julie McCabe Councillor 9  Elected
Cornwall Elaine Barnes Councillor    Elected
Steven Campbell Councillor    Elected
Corey Frizzell Councillor    Elected
Glen "Barney" Fullerton Councillor    
Judy Herlihy Councillor    Elected
Jill MacIsaac Councillor    Elected
Cory Stevenson Councillor    Elected
Crapaud Joanne Harvey Mayor    Elected
Ian Lewis Mayor    
Eastern Kings Arthur Baker Councillor    Elected
Donna Campbell Dixon Councillor    Elected
Danelle Elliott Councillor    Elected
Donald Humphrey Councillor    Elected
Bernadette McInnis Councillor    Elected
Susan Nelson Councillor    
Nathan Paton Councillor    Elected
Horatio Toledo Councillor    
Kensington Tyler Doucette Councillor    Elected
Ivan Gallant Councillor    Elected
Kevin Gallant Councillor    
Bonnie MacRae Councillor    Elected
Rodney Mann Councillor    Elected
Jeff Spencer Councillor    Elected
Wade Toombs Councillor    Elected
Kingston Tom Coady Councillor    Elected
Joe Dolphin Councillor    
Allan Holmes Councillor    Elected
Tory Kennedy Councillor    Elected
Darlene MacDonald Councillor    Elected
Pierce MacLean Councillor    Elected
Dwight Thompson Councillor    Elected
Miltonvale Park Sheila Curtis Councillor    
Joseph “Leo” Doucette Councillor    Tie
Andrew Frizzell Councillor    Elected
Spencer MacDonald Councillor    Elected
Denise MacDonald-Vail Councillor    Tie
Paul Poole Councillor    Elected
Rosemarie Ramsay Councillor    Elected
Jamie Taylor Councillor    Elected
Mount Stewart Beverly Elaine Campbell Councillor    Elected
Josephy Ralph Dunn Councillor    
Kevin Bruce Lloyd Councillor    Elected
Katharine MacDonald Councillor    Elected
Julie Ann McKay Councillor    Elected
Amanda Marie Myers  Councillor    Elected
Chad Raymond Elder Poirier Councillor    Elected
Murray Harbour Garry Herring Mayor    
Terry White Mayor    Elected
North Shore Kent MacLean Councillor 2  
Peter McLaine Councillor 2  Elected
Robert Vail Councillor 2  
Wanson Hemphill Councillor 3  
Craig MacDonald Councillor 3  Elected
Charity Sheehan Councillor 3  
Derek Cook Councillor 5  Elected
James McInnis Councillor 5  
Ricky Clow Councillor 5  
Nancy MacKinnon Councillor 6  Elected
Kim Meunier Councillor 6  
Stratford Gail MacDonald Mayor    
Steve Ogden Mayor    Elected
Gordie Cox Councillor 1  Elected
Ron Dowling Councillor 1  Elected
Derek Smith Councillor 1  
Ryan Bradley Councillor 2  
Jill Chandler Councillor 2  Elected
Jeff MacDonald Councillor 2  Elected
Gary Clow Councillor 3  
Steve Gallant Councillor 3  Elected
Jody Jackson Councillor 3  Elected
Summerside James Ford Mayor    
Dan Kutcher Mayor    Elected
Basil Stewart Mayor    
Barb Gallant Councillor 5  Elected
Patrick McMahon Councillor 5  
Jim Steele Councillor 5  
Norma McColeman Councillor 6  Elected
Doreen Percy Councillor 6  
Nicholas Cameron Councillor 7  
Rick Morrison Councillor 7  Elected
Three Rivers Ray Brow Mayor    
Debbie Johnston Mayor    Elected
Sarah Doyle Councillor 2  
John MacFarlane Councillor 2  Elected
Wayne Spin Councillor 2  Elected
Martina J. MacDonald Councillor 3  Elected
David McGrath Councillor 3  
Andrew Reid Councillor 3  
John Van Dyke Councillor 3  Elected
Brendon Galway Councillor 4  
Cody Jenkins Councillor 4  Elected
Robert Lethbridge Councillor 4  
Cindy MacLean Councillor 4  Elected
Victoria Marly Anderson Councillor    Elected
Jamie-Lee Brown Councillor    Elected
Brian Clapson Councillor    Elected
Eric Gilbert Councillor    Elected
Ben Smith Councillor    
Shelly Trainor Councillor    Elected
Thomas Wright Councillor    Elected
West River Kris Currie Councillor 1  
Aaron MacEachern Councillor 1  Elected
Stephen Gould  Councillor 6  
Steve Pollard Councillor 6  Elected
Published date: 
November 8, 2022
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