The Aquaculture Farm Assistance Program

The Aquaculture Farm Assistance Program is a service that provides confidential, professional counselling services to aquaculture farmers, their families, and certain farm employees. The program recognizes that some problems can affect home life and work performance. When this happens, help may be required in resolving these problems through the assistance of a trained professional counsellor. These counsellors are trained to provide short term counselling or refer you to other professional services and resources in the community.

Confidential service is available 24 hours a day by calling a counselling coordinator: (902) 626-9787

Who qualifies?

  • Members of the PEI Aquaculture Alliance and their immediate family qualify for this service. Farm employees may be eligible if they have benefits provided by the farm.

What kind of problems does the Aquaculture Farm Assistance Program help with?

You can get help to deal with a wide range of problems that affect your personal well-being and work performance. These problems may include work or family pressures, job stress, alcohol or drug dependency, marital problems, children’s issues or other conflicts. The Aquaculture Farm Assistance Program counsellors have a wide range of experience in a variety of problem areas including, but not limited to:

  • stress and anxiety
  • trauma/ critical incidents
  • alcohol and drug misuse
  • bereavement
  • couple and marital Issues
  • depression
  • elder care concerns
  • family matters/ parenting concerns
  • counselling with children and teens
  • legal matters
  • financial concerns
  • learning disabilities
  • grief counselling
  • career counselling
  • anger management

Is this service confidential?

Yes, your privacy is protected by strict confidentiality laws and regulations and by professional ethical standards for counsellors. The details of your discussions with the counsellor will not be released to anyone, including management, without your written consent, with the exceptions listed.

*Certain exceptions apply when information must be provided to others, whether or not consent is given such as when a person appears to pose a threat of serious injury to themselves or others. Counsellors are also legally required to report suspicion of child abuse and to disclose information required by law.

How do I contact a counsellor?

The phone numbers listed on this page will put you in touch with a counsellor. Counselling hours are flexible, therefore appointments will be made at the earliest convenience.

Are there any costs for the service?

100% coverage for those who meet the qualifications noted above

For more information, contact:

Frank Bulger (902) 626-9787
Wendy Holm (902) 786-4656


Published date: 
March 11, 2021
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