Borden Exchange Area

A supervised Borden Exchange Area is available to PEI residents and individuals from other provinces entering PEI via the Confederation Bridge for exchange of:

  • goods or animal companions
  • individuals (picking up or dropping off people)

The area may be used between the hours of 6:00 am-10:00 pm daily.

All occupants must follow below guidelines; failure to follow below guidelines could result in self isolation or being requested to the leave the Borden Exchange Site immediately.

People who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms are not permitted to use the Borden Exchange Area.

While using the Borden Exchange Area:

  • Keep a physical distance of 2m (6ft) from others at all times.
  • A non-medical mask is required at all times, whether inside or outside of a vehicle.
  • Practice hand hygiene and cough etiquette.

At any time, if you experience any symptoms related to COVID-19, begin strict self-isolation and go to a drop-in testing clinic instead of waiting for your next scheduled testing appointment.  

Additional information for pick-up or drop-off of individuals:

  • If a non-resident is entering PEI and is to be picked up by an Islander via the Exchange Area, the non-resident must have pre-travel approval and will be screened prior to entering the Exchange Area. A PEI resident picking up a non-resident must follow Transporting Travellers to Self-Isolation Location Guidance, or other appropriate guidance as directed by a public health official
  • PEI residents being picked up to travel to other provinces must familiarize themselves with the rules of entry of the province or territory they are entering.

How to access the Exchange Area:

Non PEI residents – notify PEI health officials when you arrive on PEI via the Confederation Bridge that you are coming to use the Exchange Area; pre-travel approval is not required. Non PEI residents are not permitted to enter PEI, unless they apply for pre-travel approval, except for the use of the Exchange Area. To leave PEI, you will be required to pay the Confederation Bridge toll.  

PEI Residents – follow signage to go across the Borden Scales and turn into screening area.


Published date: 
February 10, 2021
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