Business Guidance: Employee Diagnosed with COVID-19

This guidance is for employers of individuals who have received a positive COVID-19 test result.

People who test positive are recommened to stay home and should notify their close contacts and employer.

Please follow the direction provided below. To preserve the limited capacity of Health PEI testing clinics, only those directed or advised to do so should go to a testing clinic.
  • If the employee did not work during their infectious period: (Infectious period is 48 hours prior to symptoms starting, or the positive test if no symptoms)
    • This means no exposure at worksite and other staff members are not contacts and do not require testing.
  • If the employee did work during their infectious period:
    • Scenario A:  Employee works alone, consistent mask use and is physically distanced (at minimum 6ft) from coworkers for the duration of the work shift. Other staff members are not contacts 
    • Scenario B:  Employee keeps mask on during all interactions with coworkers, meal breaks are taken alone. Other staff members are not contacts and should monitor for symptoms.
    • Scenario C:  Employee does not keep mask on during interactions with coworkers such as shared meal breaks. Other staff members are close contacts.

If employees are not identified as a close contact, but feel they may have attended the same location at the same time as someone with COVID-19 but did not have prolonged contact, then they should monitor for symptoms for 10 days. If they are at risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19 AND they develop symptoms of COVID-19, they should go to a testing clinic and be tested.

Guidance for close contacts can be found here, including for the 10 days after exposure, monitoring for symptoms, working from home as much as possible, or when at work, practicing physical distancing especially when eating or drinking.

Positive cases are recommended to stay home when unwell and self-isolate to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Masks should be medical grade or 3 layer with a filter per CPHO guidance.

Business Closure

Business closures are an operational/business decision made by the organization, based on their individual situation (e.g. number of staff isolating, etc.).

Cleaning and Disinfection

If the business has been following regular cleaning and disinfection, no additional measures are required. If regular cleaning has not occurred, surfaces which the positive case may have contacted should be cleaned and disinfected immediately. It would be a best practice to continue the cleaning and disinfection to all surfaces in the business that have been touched by the positive case.

As an employer, what should I do if a worker has tested positive for COVID-19 that could be the result of an exposure at the workplace?

If a worker has been diagnosed with COVID-19 that could be related to an exposure at the workplace, please see information for employers prepared by the Workers Compensation Board (WCB).


Published date: 
December 1, 2022
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