COVID-19 Alert Level - New Normal

At any time, it may be necessary for the Chief Chief Public Health Office to change an alert level in response to the spread of the virus and other indicators.

New Normal

  Public health measures during NEW NORMAL
Family and friends

Keep your household’s circle small; use discretion with close contact with extended family and close friends

Gatherings (including religious gatherings)

Larger organized gatherings (multiple to unlimited cohorts of 50)


Sport and recreation based on risk and with precautions in place

Recreational facilities, services, including overnight camps, public spaces and open

Business and NGOs

Continued essential services and allowable services

Child care

Unlicensed and licensed childcare centres 100% capacity, with physical distancing

Health care (including community)

Maintain COVID-19 surge capacity and build the PPE contingency stockpile while continuing delivery of healthcare services

Public services

Public services may be reinstated in accordance with public health measures

Education and Training

Return to full time classroom learning for K-12 with public health measures in place and a contingency plan for remote learning 

Return to post-secondary education and training through online and/or in-person  learning with public health measures in place

Long-term care

More than one partner in care. Unlimited number of visitors with same privileges as partners in care.

Residents able to travel and disembark with partners in care and engage with limited number of visitors.

Restricted staff movement between all long-term care facilities.

Enhanced public health and control measures.

Published date: 
September 29, 2020
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